Carolift 100

A woman standing on the driveway by the boot of a parked car, using the Carolift 100 with a remote control to fetch her mobility scooter.

Carolift® 100
Lifts your wheelchair or mobility scooter into your vehicle.

Lift power and reach, at the touch of a button

We designed the Carolift® 100 hoist to be simple to use yet powerful enough to lift any wheelchair, scooter or other mobility device weighing up to 100 kg into the boot of your car. You control the hoist via an intuitive four-button hand control, and it does its job in about a minute.

The Carolift 100 is made in Sweden and crash tested for your safety.

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Powered operation

Via the hand control, the Carolift 100 hoist does all the heavy work for you. It lifts and rotates the cargo into the boot of your car. All you need to do is lend a slight guiding hand.

Quick operation

The Carolift 100 hoist does its job very quickly. Loading or unloading your mobility device can be done in around a minute. All movement is at a smooth and constant pace, you’ll be in total control all the time.

The boot of a car with a mobility scooter attached to a Carolift 100 inside of it, and a woman standing next to the car holding a remote control.

Easy to use

The clever design of the Carolift 100 shines through in its ease of use. Open your boot, deploy the lift over your mobility device and lower the lift arm. Once within reach, you connect the clever lifting straps. Use as much slack as you need to fit the buckle on the mobility device. Pulling on the loop will tighten both sides simultaneously. Don’t worry if the strap is longer on one side. The Carolift 100 will self-balance the load as soon as it leaves the ground.

To stow the cargo into your vehicle, simply push the designated button while gently guiding your mobility device to the correct place.

A hand holding a remote control with four buttons titled out, in, down and up.

Hand control

As a four-way hoist, the Carolift 100 can move: up, down, in and out. Controlling the hoist is precise and direct. The four-button hand control is very easy to use. Clear markings on the buttons describe what action the hoist performs when pressed.

A hand holding a smart phone showing four buttons on the display with arrows in each direction.

Smartphone compatible

You can also control the Carolift 100 with your smartphone via our Remote app. This requires fitting your Carolift 100 with the BraunAbility Remote receiver kit.

Learn more   

A closeup of the Carolift 100 holding a mobility scooter outside of the boot of a car.

Lifts up to 100 kg

The Carolift 100 will lift any mobility device weighing up to 100 kg. That doesn’t mean that your mobility device must be on the higher end of the scale. The Carolift can be just as good a match to a 20 kg mobility device as to a 95 kg mobility device.

The Carolift 100 extended out of the car boot holding a mobility scooter that is on ground level, and a woman crouching next to it, holding a crutch and petting a dog.

Full seat capacity

Since the Carolift 100 installs in the luggage compartment, you don’t have to sacrifice any seats to fit the hoist. This, of course, requires that your mobility device fits into the boot of your car. It's worth noting that it's possible to partially dismantle many scooters and power chairs to make them fit into the boot of a car.

The Carolift 100 and a mobility scooter, shown from the inside of the car boot, and a woman standing behind it with one hand on the scooter and the other holding a remote control.

Universal fit

The Carolift 100 is suitable for use with most car models and makes. The most important thing is, of course, that your mobility device will fit in the boot of the car. Luckily, it's often possible to dismantle wheelchairs, scooters and power chairs to make them smaller for transportation.

Contact your local dealer to see if the Carolift 100 suits your car and your mobility device.

An empty car boot with a Carolift 100 neatly installed along the left side of the boot.

Space efficient

Another design feature of the Carolift 100 is space efficiency. In other words, to take up as little space in your car as possible and leave more room for your mobility device. If you need to use the boot to transport other things, you can also fold the lifting arm snugly toward the interior walls.

An empty car boot displayed from the inside of the car, and a man standing behind it holding the Carolift 100 in his hands.


To maximise the available space in your car's boot, you can easily remove the majority of the Carolift 100. It's easy and takes very little time. The detachable part weighs around 10 kg. After removing the top of the hoist, all that remains of the Carolift 100 is a slim black post.


We know physical conditions will change for some people. For instance, a different mobility device could become necessary. Others might want or need to get a new car. Providing everything fits and stays within the lifting capacity, your Carolift 100 should fit both your new mobility device as well as your new car.

Limited modification

In most cases, installing a Carolift 100 requires very little permanent modification to your vehicle. In other words, keeping the effect on the resale value of your car to a minimum. You can even bring it along to your next vehicle, providing it fits.

Safety and reliability

We take safety very seriously. That's why we put all our products through rigorous testing. The Carolift 100 has passed crash tests, extreme climates and a lifetime of usage. To our knowledge, it is one of the few crash-tested wheelchair hoists on the market.

We are proud of this innovative product and every little detail it has to offer.


Hoist height 500 mm
Foot width 220 mm
Foot length 220 mm
Lifting device width 350-550 mm
Swivel degree 360°


Voltage 12 V


Load capacity* 80 or 100 kg
(incl. foot and electrical kit)
15 kg
(excl. foot and electrical kit)
10 kg
Mounting kit 7.8 kg
Total weight 22.8 kg

* depends on configuration


Cycle test approved (31,200)  
Crash test approved  
Climate test approved  
EMC test approved  
Flammability test approved  
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