Wheelchair lifts

Lifts that can help a person to comfortably and safely enter a vehicle while seated in a wheelchair.


Completely quiet premium wheelchair lifts.


Wheelchair lifts you can rely on.

BraunAbility Remote

Operate your BraunAbility products with your smartphone.


Carodoor is an automatic door opener for rear doors. Its intended use is in combination with our wheelchair lifts.


A cassette lift for public transport mini-buses.


A lighter alternative in respect of weight and economy.


A strong, solid platform wheelchair lift.

Century XT

Extra long telescopic platform wheelchair lift.


A stacking platform wheelchair lift provides good visibility.


Solves the problem of tight parking spaces with parallel boarding and its unique swivelling platform.

Vista Split

A split platform wheelchair lift with a clear path for both visibility and access.

UVL 855

Free interior space for commercial buses.

UVL 600

Mounted out of sight and out of the way providing more flexibility in floor plan design.