Making wheelchair transportation in your vehicle safe and convenient.

Secure your wheelchair during transport

The Carolock is a user-friendly wheelchair securement system for your vehicle, guaranteeing safety and worry-free stowing of your mobility device. It ensures that your device remains securely in place throughout your journey. Carolock is built to support both independent drivers and passengers with reduced mobility. Adjustments can be made to fit the needs of different wheelchair types, whether you have a newer or older model, a manual, or a powered wheelchair.
Keep in mind that Carolock is solely designed for the safe stowing and transportation of your wheelchair and should not be used for transporting someone seated in it.


4 easy steps to secure your wheelchair

The Carolock is designed to be simple and user-friendly. Here is how to use it:

  1. While sitting in your wheelchair, roll towards the Carolock.
  2. Simply push towards the lock and dock it onto the Carolock.
  3. Now, you can transfer further to your car seat from this position.
  4. Get in your preferred seating position and concentrate on your travels without any safety concerns!

Your mobility device will always be securely positioned, whether you are ready for your car ride or if you want to move away from your seat.


Safe mechanical mobility solution

The convenient design of the mechanical securement system makes it effortless to position and lock your wheelchair.

Once you reach your destination, return to your wheelchair, and release the device from the Carolock using a release handle attached to its mechanical system. By pressing the release handle, your device will be released safely and smoothly.

Flexible wheelchair securement

Built to fit a variety of wheelchair models and sizes, Carolock offers reliability and independence to wheelchair users. Whether you are a driver or a passenger, it offers an easy-to-use solution to secure your mobility device.

You have the flexibility to decide how and where Carolock should be installed, to create a solution that suits you. Our local dealers can advise you concerning your mobility device:

  • Carlock either gets fastened directly to the floor of your vehicle or the rails of the flooring system.
  • Its height can be tailored to suit individual requirements and different wheelchairs.
  • It is designed for mobility devices weighing up to 85 kg.
  • Secure your wheelchair by locking it with the rear axle or any other component on the sides or front.

Whether you are ready for your car ride or if you want to move away from your seat, your mobility device will always be securely positioned.


Safety first, but convenience next

Safety is our top priority. For that reason, the Carolock has undergone a series of rigorous and comprehensive testing to ensure that your mobility device is transported safely and conveniently. This includes pull tests in accordance with international standards and regulations.

The purpose of these tests is to guarantee the reliability of the product throughout its lifetime of use.


Combine Carolock with Turny 6-Way

Carolock secures your wheelchair while transporting, but the swivel seat Turny 6-Way adds another layer of convenience by helping with wheelchair transfers to your car seat.

Their compatibility makes them a perfect match, as they build on each other's functionality and create a comprehensive mobility solution.

Learn about Turny 6-Way


Carolock height 122 mm
Carolock width 88 mm
Locking bar diameter 16-40 mm
Wire length 2000 mm
Bracket baseplate 220 x 220 mm
Bracket height 250* mm

* Can be cut to a minimum height of 50mm on the 40kg bracket or 80mm on the 85kg bracket


Carolock 2 kg
Load capacity 40 or 85 kg
40 kg bracket 2.8 kg
85 kg bracket 4.2 kg


Cycle test approved (173.000)  
Pull test approved  
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