Carospeed® Classic

Picture 1: man driving a car with hand controls Picture 2: close up of two hand controls installed in a car

Carospeed® Classic
Hand control for accelerator and brake.

Accelerate and brake easily with your hands

Carospeed® Classic is a universal easy-to-use driving hand control for your vehicle with automatic transmission. Being a fully mechanical driving aid, it moves the accelerator and brake pedals to an intuitive hand control, allowing you to pull for gas and push for brakes. Despite being mounted on the floor, it doesn't need any drilling through the vehicle floor.


Easy-to-use hill holder

Each Carospeed Classic is equipped with a hill holder to maintain the brake pedal's position. This function enables the user to brake the car while changing gears or tuning the radio. Just press the button on the handle to turn it on. Its activation is only possible when the car is braking, with sufficient brake power and ignition on.

The hill-holder releases automatically when the handle is pushed forward (braking). To add cruise control, you can activate its set function by using the same button as the hill-holder.


One mechanical driving aid – three mobility solutions

Coming in three different versions, the Carospeed Classic's sturdy construction and mechanical use always ensure a reliable driving experience. We recommend using the Classic with automatic gearboxes only.

These are the three different Carospeed Classic models available:

  • The Standard model offers the basic accelerator and brake functions.
  • The Indicator model has integral indicators for both the right and left sides.
  • In the Electric model, there are additional electrical functions available: high and low beams, right and left indicators, windscreen wipers and washers, horn, and cruise control.


Standard model


Electric model

Straightforward installation without vehicle impact

Elegantly designed and shaped to match most cars interior, it is possible to install it in most vehicles (not just cars). While mounted on the floor, Carospeed is not fastened through it, making installation straightforward. There are no holes to be drilled because cables are concealed under carpeting and behind panels. Instead, it gets attached to the mounting bracket located under the driver's seat.

The Carospeed Classic’s installation won't impact the vehicle you use it in, and the foot pedal functionality will remain intact. In other words, even with the Classic installed, your car is still accessible to both impaired and able drivers.

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