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We know pretty much everything about accessible vehicles and car adaptation. This is the place where we share our expertise with you. Find out what is possible and what kind of solution could be useful for a person with a certain type of disability.

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Why the future of accessible electric vehicles is a matter of weight

The future of accessible mobility is greatly affected by electric vehicles. Find out more about the challenges regarding weight, vehicle adaptations, and accessibility products.

How occupational therapy can help disabled drivers to achieve independent mobility

Occupational therapy assists persons with disabilities to obtain the right vehicle adaptations to meet their needs. We talked to therapist Ingrid Bolin to obtain expert insights.


Flying as a disabled traveler – 5 Tips for safe and accessible travels

In this text, we summarize what passengers with reduced mobility should know when booking a flight and using an adapted vehicle to get to the airport.

Introduction to hand controls for disabled drivers

In this article, we aim to provide answers to common queries about hand controls for disabled drivers. We hope to help you make a well-informed choice when selecting the best steering option for your driving requirements.

Staying safe and mobile during the winter

Winter can be tough for those of us with mobility issues. Here are some suggestions to stay warm, safe, and mobile when the weather gets cold.

Self-care tips for carers in and around vehicles

When taking care of people with disabilities or seniors, taking care of yourself is just as important. Here are a few helpful thoughts for you who help people with reduced mobility in and around vehicles.

How to make charging accessible

Disabled drivers often encounter difficulties when charging their vehicles. We want to raise awareness about the design of charging stations. Ensuring that those responsible for setting up new stations are aware of the problems that disabled drivers may face.

Car driving through city

The 5 best cars for people with disabilities 2022

We've selected 5 cars that all have different features that make them best in class for certain adaptations or uses.

The text "Ultimate Guide 2021" superimposed over a view through a windshield of a woman driving a car.

The Ultimate Guide to driving with a disability 2022

The purpose of this guide is to let you know that almost everyone can drive. Perhaps the toughest obstacle to overcome is knowing that what you believe to be impossible, is in fact possible.

Boot hoist vs Rooftop hoist, what suits you best?

When transporting an unoccupied wheelchair or mini scooter, it needs to be loaded into the car. There's a wide range of different stowage systems available for this purpose. In this article, we look at wheelchair hoists. Hoists can be located in the luggage compartment or in a dedicated rooftop box.

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