Flooring and Seating

Products for a safe and flexible floor plan.


Aluminium floor profiles on white bakground

Spacefloor LX

World's lightest M1 aluminium floor for vehicles.

Picture 1: Van with Spacefloor installed Picture 2 and 3: Spacefloor aluminium flooring


Bespoke aluminium flooring for vehicles.

Picture 1: aluminium rail Picture 2: bolt secured in rail


Three types of rails for the transport market.

Two pieces of floor anchors

Floor anchors

Single anchoring points for dedicated wheelchair spaces.

Upper Anchorage Point

Provides the means for using 3-point belts in combination with our floors.


Seat beside a wheelchair installed inside a van


Durable and versatile seat for passenger transportation.

Close up of seat legs installed inside a van

Seat legs

Designed for M1 and M2 vehicle applications.

Seat getting fixed on a track

Seat fixtures

Secure fixation of seats in vehicle floors

Hand on a pull handle of a seat

TriflexAIR Seat

TriflexAIR Seats combine minimal space with maximum comfort. Its ergonomic design ensures long lasting comfort during long trips.

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Safe Vehicle Adaptation

For your safety BraunAbility products are designed and tested according to current directives and standards.