Making commercial vehicles accessible

Combine what you need in your vehicle

BraunAbility offers a wide range of accessibility products to meet the unique needs of your commercial vehicle. We believe in giving you the freedom to choose and combine the vehicle adaptations that fit your requirements best. All our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are of the most trustworthy quality.

We make transportation accessible around the world, and we take pride in our services as a global supplier of mobility solutions.

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Our product groups.

Granting accessibility worldwide.

Flooring systems

Aluminium floors, rails, floor anchors, anchorage points.

Vehicle seating

Seats, seat legs, and fixtures for mounting in rails.

Inboard lifts

Mounted inside, more space through vertical stowage.

Wheelchair ramps

Tailboard and portable, designed for all transportation.

Securement and safety

Wheelchair tie-downs and occupant restraints.

Cassette lifts

Automated lift, proper storage in a cassette.


Adapt your vehicle with our best tested quality.

Select thoroughly tested mobility products. Combine them with your vehicle model. Enjoy accessible transportation of the highest quality.

Choose your MODEL

All tested vehicles

Our best products for your transport.

BraunAbility is accredited by SWEDAC as a testing laboratory in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Accredited for testing

We conduct rigorous in-house testing for our accessibility products. They are tested in Sweden and the UK before being released to the market. Products intended for type approval are tested at internationally accredited test sites or witnessed by authorities such as TÜV or VCA.

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Providing access to all types of vehicles.

Mobility solutions to grant accessible transportation for all your passengers. Vehicle-specific adaptation and customized modification for all abilities.


One comprehensive supplier. One point of contact.

Personal service for your mobility needs, granting access worldwide.

With our wide product range, we are a pioneer in the industry.

We offer powerful customer support with a proven track record.

Personal product training for correct installation and use.

We provide reliable deliveries and strong supply chains.

Rigorous testing to ensure high product quality worldwide.

Driving mobility innovations to improve accessibility for all.

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