Working at BraunAbility

Employees talking in the cafeteria

Would you like to make the world a better place every day?

Then you're in the right place. That's exactly what our business idea states. To make people all over the world more independent in cars. Have you ever given a thought to how important it is to be able to drive, or even to just be able to ride in a car or other vehicles? To be able to go somewhere when you feel like it. No, you probably haven't. It is usually something you take for granted, and that's just what we want, everyone to be able to do.

But what can you do at BraunAbility?
Well, if you can hit the target with a fork lift you could work in our Warehouse. If technical problem solving is your thing maybe you'll fit in at our Design department or in the Production design department. You could also be one of those who adapt cars for our customers, we call them car Adaptation Technicians.

If you like to create and maintain relationships we have our Sales department where we take care of our dealers all over the world. Perhaps you like it better when you get to create something with your hands and tools, well then you could always work at our assembly line or as one of our machine operators. If you're the exact opposite we have our testing department. That job is more about trying to break our products in various ways.

We must not forget to mention that we also have departments such as Finance, Marketing, HR, Quality, Purchasing, IT and Support. In short, at BraunAbility there's something for most people.

A global job
We should probably mention that BraunAbility is a global corporate group with offices and manufacturing plants in Sweden, Denmark, England, Brazil and USA.

What about the colleagues?
Actually, our staff turnover is kind of sluggish. People seem to feel at home at BraunAbility. Maybe it's good camaraderie, maybe it's the feeling that we actually care.

Fact is, there is something special about everyone who works here. We make a difference.

Our Values

Careers at BraunAbility Europe

Visit our Careers page to see our current job openings for the European division of BraunAbility.


But what do those that work at BraunAbility say?

Name: Ola Winsnes
Worked here since: 1996
What is it you do at BraunAbility: In my role as Sales Director my job is to stimulate increased sales together with our sales team for our 200+ dealers worldwide.
What is the best thing about working at BraunAbility: The possibilities for both personal growth and company growth, to see the big picture. If you believe in your idea there’s a great opportunity to realize it. And there’s still so much to do!

Name: Patricia Karlsson
Worked here since: 2010
What is it you do at BraunAbility: I work with Goods In/Goods Out. I check the goods, add it to our system and so on until the article is lying in its place. I load and unload trucks, send articles that we produce away for paintwork. I book freights, handle returns and reclaims and so on.
What is the best thing about working at BraunAbility: It’s knowing that what we do means something, that we can make daily life better for people. Also without a doubt my colleagues. We always have fun when we work together.

Name: Anna-Karin Holmqvist
Worked here since: 2010
What is it you do at BraunAbility: I am the HR Manager which means to make sure the company abides by the laws and rules stipulated for the company as an employer. A challenge in my profession is to work with strategic supply of competence, i.e. for us here at BraunAbility to have the right skill, at the right place, in the right time in order to be competitive. 
What is the best thing about working at BraunAbility: Our fantastic working environment here at BraunAbility: We have nice, clean and spacious facilities. I have nice and helpful workmates. We have a lot of staff benefits. There is a genuine commitment among the working staff. There’s a clarity in what we do and where we want to go. 

Name: Krister Lehto
Worked here since: 2015
What is it you do here at BraunAbility: I’m a Vehicle Adaptation Technician, I adapt our customers cars according to their needs. 
What is the best thing about working at BraunAbility: The thing I like best about working here is that we make life easier for people who need it.

Name: Imad Hakani
Worked here since: 2010
What is it you do here at BraunAbility: I started in our Warehouse but now I’m a part of our Support team. I place orders, help out with technical questions and installation problems as well as some after-sales services.
What is the best thing about working here at BraunAbility: My colleagues, there’s a lot of heart and kindness here at BraunAbility.