Spacefloor LX

Aluminium floor profiles on white bakground

Spacefloor® LX
World's lightest M1 aluminium floor for vehicles.

Lightweight, Thin and Low Carbon Footprint

Spacefloor LX is the latest addition to our range of full aluminium vehicle floors. It is both the lightest and thinnest floor we have ever produced. Made from a low carbon footprint aluminium, it is perhaps the most environmentally friendly full aluminium floor available.

Spacefloor LX holds the same high quality as our other floors and is tested according to ECE and DIN requirements for M1 vehicles.

Lower weight

Reduced transport costs and carbon emissions are just some of the benefits of a lightweight floor. It also makes the individual floor parts significantly easier to handle during installation.

A lighter floor also means a lower total vehicle weight, making Spacefloor LX the best choice for EVs. For fossil fuel vehicles, a lower weight has the added benefit of lower carbon emissions.

When comparing Spacefloor LX to mixed material floors, also known as hybrid floors, these no longer have the advantage of weight. Spacefloor LX gives you all the benefits of full aluminium floors but at a similar weight as floors using mixed materials.

Weight comparison
Floor with 10 tracks, 3280 mm
Installed total weight: 105 kg (-30 kg)

Note! Comparison with Spacefloor M1 in Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Including vinyl (11 kg) and glue/brackets (12 kg).

Lower height

When you install equipment that requires much vertical space, every millimetre counts. By choosing a floor with a low profile, you also increase the internal roof height. Spacefloor LX boasts the lowest profile in the market today, 20-30 % lower than the most well-known competitors.

Additionally, its low height gives Spacefloor a lower threshold than other floors, making it easier to enter the vehicle and reducing the tripping hazard.

A compact floor uses less material, making it environmentally friendly to both produce and use. 

Height comparison
Rail height: 24.75 mm (-30%)
Floor thickness: 20 mm (-33%)

Note! Comparison with Spacefloor M1.

Lower CO2 emissions

We want Spacefloor LX to have a minimal effect on our environment, so we enlisted ASI-certified Hydro Extrusions as our supplier. They produce our profiles using EPD-certified aluminium with an average CO2 emission of 5.7-6.0 kg. The average CO2e emission of primary aluminium consumed in the EU is 8.6 kg per kg. For primary aluminium produced in China, the average CO2e emission is 20 kg per kg.

Source: European Aluminium and International Aluminium Institute

Additionally, the low profile of Spacefloor LX means less material and lower weight. The equation is simple: low weight = low carbon emissions.

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is the only sustainability standards system focused on the entire global aluminium value chain. ASI is a member of the ISEAL Alliance, the global association of credible sustainability standard-setting bodies.

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) transparently reports objective, comparable and third-party verified data about products and services' environmental performances from a lifecycle perspective.


Spacefloor LX meets the requirements of ECE R14 for M1, M2, and M3 vehicles.

The tests were performed according to ECE Regulation No.14.09. Test setup for wheelchair tests follows the requirements in ISO10542 and DIN 75078:2023 with reference to requirements in 2018/858/EU Part II Appendix 3.

The Lift testing is done according to the requirements of DIN 75078:2023 and PAS 2012:2019.

Tested for the following vehicles:

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Ford Transit
  • Fiat Ducato
  • Peugeot Boxer
  • Citroën Jumper
  • Opel/Vauxhall Movano
  • Volkswagen Crafter

TÜV Rheinland
witnessed the testing of Spacefloor LX testing to the above standards.

Installation 1-2-3

The order and installation process of Spacefloor LX is straightforward. We offer pre-cut layouts for different vehicles with 6, 8 or 10 tracks. For those that need it, we offer the ability to make a customised layout.

We then deliver your floor in two or three parts. The installation starts with cleaning the surfaces before applying our worker and environmentally friendly primer and adhesive.

No harmful chemicals
The Spacefloor LX adhesive contains no solvents or isocyanate. The primer is based on Isopropyl and does not contain hazardous chemicals such as Toluene, Isocyanate, Heptane, Methylcyclohexane or Naphtha.

Lift the floor parts into the vehicle and glue them together. Wait for the adhesive to bond before your new Spacefloor LX is ready for use.

To further speed up the installation, we can supply the floor pre-cut to vehicle-specific properties, for example, wheelhouses. We have many of the most common vehicles on file, or we can pre-cut the floor to your specifications. If you wish, we can supply vinyl, pre-mounted, reducing the installation time even more.

Why aluminium?

Full aluminium floors have many benefits. One of these benefits is almost 100 % recyclability. Furthermore, full aluminium floors provide better lateral stability and reduce the risk of deformation when transporting heavy equipment than one using mixed materials.

Aluminium is a hard solid material. In contrast to porous materials, such as wood or foam, aluminium is not susceptible to moisture or liquids that could seep into the floor and cause odours in the vehicle.

Eco friendly & Cost-effective transports

Transporting a compact and light floor means lower carbon emissions than transporting a bulkier and heavier one. To further reduce the transport volume, we deliver Spacefloor LX floors in parts of two or three, enabling the transporter to optimise the space in the transporting vehicle.

By choosing Spacefloor LX, you can get more in each transport, reducing the cost and softening the environmental impact.


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