Turny® Low Vehicle

Person in wheelchair rolling away from a car.

Turny® Low Vehicle
Brings your car seat almost completely outside the vehicle.
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Take a seat, with ease.

The Turny Low Vehicle is a swivel base that rotates and moves the car seat almost completely outside the vehicle. This makes it easier for you to sit down or transfer from a wheelchair. Once you're in the extended seat you push a button and the Turny Low Vehicle will move you inside the car.

The Turny Low Vehicle is the most advanced swivel seat on the market today. It has unique features that make it possible to use in car models where other swivel bases won’t work.

Easy to use
Are you going in or out? Maybe you're just adjusting your seat? The intuitive 4-button hand-held control uses visual cues that tells you what buttons are available to use at a given time.
A car with the passenger door open and a the passenger seat swivelled out.

Get seated outside
When transferring or sitting down in the Turny Low Vehicle, you can do so almost completely outside the vehicle. Or more specific with the cushion 40 centimetres out.

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A luxurious car.

Choose the car you want
Compared to lowered floor solutions, a swivel base lets you choose from many more car brands and models. Yet, no matter how good a car fits with the Turny Low Vehicle the combination has to work for you. To find out what combination will suit both your needs and taste, contact your dealer for a free assessment.

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As the name suggests the Turny Low Vehicle is for low built cars like Hatchbacks, Coupés, Sedans, Station Wagons and MPVs. For high built cars use a seat lift like the Turny Evo.
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Passenger or driver?
The Turny Low Vehicle works on the passenger's side and in many cases even on the driver's side. 
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No permanent modification
As with all our swivel bases and seat lifts, the installation is completely reversible. In other words, it will not affect the resale value of your car. You can even bring it along to your next car.
A person holding a hand control, while seated in the passenger seat of a car.
More space for you
The aerodynamic design and narrow door openings in some of today's vehicles make them impossible to adapt with a standard swivel base. The ability to program the movement path makes many of these cars possible to use with the Turny Low Vehicle.

In comparison to other swivel bases, like our very own Turnout, the extra head space gained by this and other features, is roughly 6cm. At the feet this is an impressive 20cm.
Great comfort
The Turny Low Vehicle is installed at a 4 degree inclination. Just like any other car seat, but unlike any other swivel seat available today. This provides pressure relief, extra head space and the ability to recline the backrest without sliding forward.

Another feature that comes with the Turny Low Vehicle is powered comfort adjustment of the seat.
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Be a part of the ride

This is the solution that puts you in the front seat. Where you get to look and feel like everyone else. It's the solution that lets you experience the passing scenery through the windshield. That lets you tune in your favourite song on the radio. That lets you have a conversation with the person next to you, be it driver or passenger.

Parts of a Turny Low Vehicle laid out in the shape of a heart.

Safety and reliability
We take safety very serious. That's why we put all our products through rigorous testing. The Turny Low Vehicle has passed crash tests, extreme climates and a lifetime of usage.

Since it relies on power from the car itself, there's a manual backup system, in the event of a complete power failure in your car.

We are very proud of this innovative product and every little detail it has to offer.
Turny low vehicle structure


Length 61 cm
Width 47 cm
Height 11 cm
Comfort adjustment 0-41 cm
Extension 30 cm
ReXtension 10 cm
Swivel range 0-113°
Inclination 4°


Weight capacity 140 kg
Unit weight 65 kg


Voltage 12 V


Cycle test approved (10,000)  
Crash test approved  
Climate test approved  
EMC test approved  
Flammability test approved  
Vibration test approved  

Available for both left side and right side installation.

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