Transfer Board

Viewed from above: man sitting in a car with a transfer board installed beside him

Transfer Board
A simple solution to help you transfer from wheelchair to car seat.
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Bridging the gap

Our transfer board is a simple aid to help you when getting seated in the car. The board folds out right next to the seat which gives you an amply sized platform to make a short stopover before sliding over to the seat. Once you’re comfortably seated you can fold away the transfer board until you need it again. A transfer board is sometimes referred to as a transfer plate or a tip-up plate.

Transfer board installed in car and folded away

Share your car

For those not using the transfer board, having one installed has no negative impact on the use of the car. When not in use the BraunAbility Transfer Board folds neatly out of sight and out of way. In addition, the plate can be completely removed. If you wish to do so.

Man using the BraunAbility transfer board to assist in leaving the car.

A good solution for anyone

The BraunAbility Transfer Board is not only for wheelchair users. Anyone who needs a little help getting seated can use it. If for example, you are getting seated from a standing position. The transfer board gives you a place to sit without having to crouch into the car at the same time. When standing up, the transfer board makes it possible to rise straight up. You can even hold on to the door for extra leverage.

Transfer board flipping up and down in order to be easily folded away.

Discreet and easy to use

When you’re not using the transfer board, simply flip it up and fold it away. Here it remains discreet and out of the way until needed again.

Aerial image of a car

Drivers and passengers

It doesn't matter if you're a driver or a passenger. It's possible to install the BraunAbility Transfer Board on both sides of the car. You can even have two units, one on each side. This could be very useful if you share your car.

Image of a thumbs up

No permanent installation

The BraunAbility Transfer Board uses the same bolt holes as the car seat itself. The installation requires no permanent alterations to the vehicle and installing one will not affect your car’s resale value. This also means that you can bring your Transfer Board to your next car, providing it’s a suitable model.

Choose the car you want

The BraunAbility Transfer Board is possible to install in most cars. One thing to take into consideration is the height of the car. This depends of course on how you use the transfer board.

A transfer board in an SUV, for example, will most likely not be a good solution for a wheelchair user. Here the difference in height will be too great. In this case, a seat lift, like the Turny Evo, will be a better solution. However, if you’re standing, a transfer board in an SUV might even be a great solution. Here the higher position will make getting seated and standing up less strenuous.

If you need help contact one of our dealers. They are vehicle adaptation specialists and will gladly help you find the best solution to suit you, your needs as well as your car.


Arm: Length 416 mm
Arm: Width 173 mm
Arm: Height 95 mm
Bracket: Length 500 mm
Bracket: Height 335.2 mm
Board: Length 259.5-328 mm
Board: Width 250 mm
Board: Height 12 mm
Board: Angle ± 10°


Weight capacity 140 kg
Unit weight 5 kg
Arm w/ board 2.2 kg
Bracket 2.8 kg

Available for both left side and right side installation.

Colour: Black, structured finish*
*Please note that the board is made out of natural material and subject to slight variations due to the manufacturing process.

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