Turny® HD/Orbit

Turny rotated outwards in the back seat of a gray car

Turny® HD/Orbit
Get seated outside the vehicle, at your desired height.
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Take a seat, on the outside.  

The Turny HD and Turny Orbit are seat lifts. They will rotate the seat, move it outside the car and lower the seat as far down as you need. This means that you can get seated on the outside of the car. Now, all you need to do is push a button and the Turny HD/Orbit will lift you inside the car. 

Transferring to a high built car can be very difficult or even impossible. However, the Turny HD and Orbit aren't just for wheelchair users alone. Anyone that finds getting in and out of the car difficult can benefit from a little help of the Turny HD or Orbit.

In short, the Turny HD/Orbit is a simple way to make your car more accessible. 
Top view of a man transfering from wheelchair into a Turny

Easier transfer to and from your wheelchair
By using the Turny HD/Orbit you not only get the seat outside the car, but you also lower the seat to your level. This makes transfers even easier as you can always transfer to a lower point. When transferring from the wheelchair, simply lower the seat below the wheelchair seat. And when transferring to the wheelchair you stop lowering the seat above the wheelchair seat. 
Man assisting woman our of a outward facing seat in a car

Not just for wheelchair users
You don't have to be diagnosed with a disability to find it difficult to get seated in a car. With the seat on the outside of the car getting seated is as easy as taking a seat in a chair. You can back up against the seat and let gravity do the work as you let yourself fall into the seat. You can hold on to the door for support. Once seated, the Turny HD/Orbit will get you inside. To get out of the car, rotate the seat out and lower it down until your feet touch the ground. Now you can stand up in a forward motion like you would from a chair. Again, use the door for support if needed. You can also use the height adjustment to help lift your butt out of the seat. 
Second-row seating
The Turny HD/Orbit can just as well be installed in the second row of seats. In fact, in a lot of cars, it might even be the best choice for second-row installations. For example, in the Ford Grand C-Max and the Citroën Space Tourer there simply isn't enough room for anything but the Turny HD/Orbit.  
Choose the car you want
Compared to lowered floor solutions and most other wheelchair accessible vehicles, a seat lift lets you choose from many more car brands and models. Yet, no matter how good a car fits with the Turny HD/Orbit, the combination has to work for you. To find out what combination will suit both your needs and taste, contact your BraunAbility dealer for a free assessment.

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The Turny HD/Orbit are made for use in the front passenger seat and the second-row passenger seat in high built cars like SUVs, CUVs, minivans, vans and MPVs.

For installation on the driver's side or in vehicles where space is an issue, use our technologically advanced seat lift Turny Evo. For low built cars use a swivel base like the Turny Low Vehicle.
Ilustration of two arrows one facing upwards and the other downwards

Long Reach

With a maximum reach of 480 mm, the Turny HD/Orbit are our longest-reaching seat lifts. In really high built vehicles such as the Volkswagen T5/T6 and the Ford Tourneo Custom, it is the only option that can go low enough, to be suitable when transferring from a wheelchair.

Illustration of a thumbs up

No permanent modification
As with all our swivel bases and seat lifts, the installation is completely reversible. In other words it will not affect the resale value of your car. You can even bring it along to your next car.
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HD or Orbit?
The Turny HD and the Turny Orbit are essentially the same product but there is one key difference that sets them apart. The Turny HD has manual swivel and the Turny Orbit has powered swivel. Thanks to bearings rotating the seat out using the Turny HD does not require much strength. It does, however, require you to lift a locking lever before you can rotate the seat. One benefit of the manual HD is that the swivel can be performed quicker than on the powered Orbit. In the end, it's really only a question of personal preference.  
Zoomed in hand using a remote control

Easy to use hand control
Are you going in or out? The intuitive 2-button hand-held control of the Turny HD/Orbit is clearly labelled and easy to use.
Man sitting on swivel seat with feet on foot rest

Optional footrest
When rotating in and out you can let your feet drag along the ground until it's time to lift them over the sill. If you prefer a little more comfort, you can place your feet on the optional footrest.
Woman interacting with a young girl who is sitting in an outward facing swivel seat in a black car

For children and adults

Lifting a child in and out of the car is heavy work and twisting motion guaranteed to take its toll on your back. As your child grows the risk of injury increases rapidly. By using the Turny HD or the Turny Orbit you can perform ergonomic lifts and save your back.  

Woman is assisting a girl in a swivel seat into the car

Keep an eye on things 

There's also a great social benefit of having your child close to you in the front seat. You see everything that's going on, you can talk to each other and you can enjoy the ride together. This is not quite as easy with a child riding seated in their wheelchair in the back of the van.

Woman and young girl smiling at each other on a sunny beach

Build self-esteem and independence
Having the car seat on the outside isn't just beneficial for adults. For children that want to transfer it can be the difference between possible and impossible. If and when your child is ready to start making their own transfer to and from the car seat, the Turny HD/Orbit can be used to help build technique and muscles.
Four black aftermarket car seats beside each other

Choose your seat
The Turny HD and the Turny Orbit is compatible with the BEV Seat, the Compact Seat, the Recaro Seat as well as our children's seats the BEV Kids and the highly adaptive GS Seat. To ensure you enjoy the same safety as anyone else inside the car all of these seats have been successfully crash-tested. 

Man assisting woman sitting on a Carony into a car

Transferring without lifting
If you combine the Turny HD/Orbit with the Carony, you have a solution that totally eliminates the lifting when moving from wheelchair to car seat. As a user you simply stay seated while the entire seat slides from wheelchair into the car. It's as safe and comfortable as a standard car seat and it's as versatile and easy to use as a transport wheelchair.

Man inspecting a part

Safety and reliability
We take safety seriously. That's why we put our products through rigorous testing. Both the Turny HD and the Turny Orbit has passed crash tests, extreme climates and a lifetime of usage.

Since it relies on power from the car itself, there's a manual backup system, in the event of a complete power failure in your car.

We are very proud of this innovative product and every little detail it has to offer.
Turny HD (300 / 480)

Turny HD base


Length 59* cm
Width 47.5* cm
Height 16.5 cm
Vertical travel 30 cm / 48 cm
Swivel range 0-105°

*Measured without covers.


Weight capacity 170 kg
Unit weight 59 kg / 61 kg
Turny Orbit (300 / 480)

Turny HD base


Length 59* cm
Width 47.5* cm
Height 16.5 cm
Vertical travel 30 cm / 48 cm
Swivel range 0-97°

*Measured without covers.


Weight capacity 170 kg
Unit weight 60 kg / 62 kg


Cycle test approved (10,000)  
Crash test approved  
Climate test approved  
EMC test approved  
Flammability test approved  

Available for both left side and right side installation.

  Compatible with Carony

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