Turny® 6-Way

Van with a lateral door open, inside there is a man transfering from the wheelchair to the Turny 6 way

Turny® 6-Way
Transfer from wheelchair to the front seat, inside the vehicle.
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Do the transfer inside

The Turny 6-Way makes it easy to get from the wheelchair to the front seat and vice versa. As the name suggests the seat lift can move in 6 directions; up, down, forward, backward as well as rotate left to right. This means that you can bring the seat backwards, rotate it to face the inside of the car and set to your desired height.

Basically, you move the seat into an optimal position for you to transfer to and from your wheelchair. Once seated you have the luxury of using the controls to position yourself exactly as you like. The Turny 6-Way can be installed on the driver's side as well as on the passenger's side.

Turny 6 way base
Top view of a person transferring from the driver's seat to a wheelchair using a Turny 6-Way.

Easy transfer to and from the wheelchair

Doing a transfer between the Turny 6-Way and your wheelchair is most likely the easiest transfer you will ever do. Use the Turny 6-Way to move the seat to the best position for you to transfer from. Then adjust the height so that you transfer slightly downwards. Transferring downwards requires less muscular strength and is therefore much easier to perform.

You get the same advantage of transferring downwards when going from seat to wheelchair by simply raising the Turny 6-Way above your wheelchair’s seat height.

A person driving a car.

Passenger or driver?

The Turny 6-Way works just as well on the driver’s side as it does on the passenger side. Some of our customers even have it installed in both positions. This gives them the ability to share their car without risking a difficult or even impossible transfer to the other seat.

Hands on a steering wheel.

Share your car

The Turny 6-Way does in no way impede the functionality of the car. In other words, it’s possible to share your car with someone who doesn’t use the wheelchair transfer functionality.

Close up of a hand using the Turny 6-Way control box.
Find your sweet spot

It’s easy to fine-tune your seating position with the Turny 6-Way. Simply flick the corresponding 2-way toggle switch to move your seat forward or backwards. The height of your seat is controlled just the same, just flick the switch to raise or lower your position.

Once you’ve found your sweet spot you can comfortably enjoy it for the rest of the ride or adjust it when necessary.

A symbol for rotation.

Up to 140 degrees of rotation

A symbol for weight.

180 kg maximum weight capacity

A symbol height adjustment.

177 mm of height adjustment

A symbol for lengthwise adjustment.

704 mm of lengthwise adjustment

Choose the car you want

Naturally, doing the transfer on the inside requires a bit of space. In most cases this means a vehicle in the size of a minivan. Head space is also a thing to consider. You want to be able to perform the transfer without hitting the roof with your head.

If you’re interested in a smaller car, consider making the transfer on the outside and use a seat lift for high built cars and a swivel seat for low built cars.
A wheelchair lift in the rear of a vehicle.

How to get inside

To get inside the vehicle, the Turny 6-Way is typically combined with a wheelchair lift or a ramp. Both of these come in many different sizes and forms, make sure you choose one that suits your vehicle and needs. See our range of wheelchair lifts and wheelchair ramps.

Raindrops on a window.

Stay protected

Doing the transfer on the inside of the vehicle has its benefits. You and your wheelchair stay protected from the elements, traffic and other stressful situations. Another benefit of transferring on the inside is that your wheelchair stays with you. Just make sure you secure it properly before driving away.

Two people in a car adjusting the radio.

Be a part of the ride

This is the solution that puts you in the front seat. Where you get to look and feel like everyone else. It's the solution that lets you experience the passing scenery through the windshield. That lets you tune in your favourite song on the radio. That lets you have a conversation with the person next to you, be it driver or passenger.

Various aftermarket car seats.

Choose your seat

In most cases, the original seat of the car can be used with the Turny 6-Way. However, if you need additional support or features the Turny 6-Way is also compatible with our seats.

Close up of a vehicle’s seat heat button.

Keep the original seat functions

If the original seat of your car has electrical functions these can be passed through the Turny 6-Way. This means you get to keep features like a heated seat.

A thumbs-up symbol.

No permanent modification

As with all our Turny® products, the installation is completely reversible. In most cases, it requires no permanent modification to the vehicle. In other words, it will not affect the resale value of your car. You can even bring it along to your next car.

A worker inspecting material.

Safety and reliability

We take safety very seriously. That's why we put all our products through rigorous testing. The Turny 6-Way has passed crash tests, extreme climates and a lifetime of usage. We are very proud of this innovative product and every little detail it has to offer.

Illustration of a Turny 6-way structure


Length 1150* mm
Width 430 mm
Height 170-347 mm
Comfort adjustment 704 mm
Vertical travel 177 mm
Swivel range** 0-140° / 0-120°

* can be cut by 45-190 mm by the installer if needed.
** differs between left (140°) and right (120°) side installation.


Weight capacity 180 kg
Unit weight 54 kg


Voltage 12 V


Cycle test approved (10,000)  
Crash test approved  
Climate test approved  
EMC test approved  
Flammability test approved  
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