Communiqués de presse

Les derniers communiqués de presse de BraunAbility sur ​​les solutions de mobilité liés à l'adaptation des véhicules.

More options for people with disabilities

23 novembre 2015

Limited mobility used to mean a limited choice of cars. The available models were mostly light commercial vehicles or minivans. With Autoadapt’s latest swivel seat the Turny Low Vehicle, more people get to choose the car they love, not just a car based on their physical needs.

Disabilities and discrimination in terms of safety.

8 juillet 2015

The safest way to travel in a vehicle is seated in the car seat using a seat belt. A Swivel Seat is a solution that enables wheelchair users to do this. Autoadapt, Swedish manufacturer of vehicle adaptation solutions, now introduces a new version of their Turny Evo. The first of two new swivel seats from Autoadapt to hit the market this year.

Swedish Autoadapt becomes sole owner of British Unwin Safety Systems

10 avril 2014

PRESS RELEASE: Autoadapt and Unwin Safety Systems operate in the vehicle adaptation industry and both companies have long standing experience developing and producing aids for people with limited mobility. Autoadapt bought a 50% share in Unwin in 2013 and this acquisition of the remaining shares aims to strengthen Autoadapt’s position as a leading supplier of vehicle adaptation solution as well as expand Unwin’s global distribution.

Autoadapt’s Carony system celebrates 10.000 wheelchair accessible vehicles

22 novembre 2013

PRESS RELEASE: For over 20 years the award winning Carony transfer wheelchair from Autoadapt has been used worldwide. The system enables those seated in a wheelchair to comfortably and safely make the transfer without resorting to potentially dangerous lifts for both user and care giver.

Le Ford B-Max offre un accès pour tous grâce au siège pivotant Turnout

17 juin 2013

COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE: La société suédoise Autoadapt collabore avec les concessionnaires Ford dans le cadre d’un programme dédié aux solutions de mobilité pour les personnes à mobilité réduite. Avec la responsabilité sociale comme base stratégique, Ford en Espagne et son réseau de concessionnaires espagnols proposent désormais des véhicules adaptés clés en main directement à leurs clients.

Autoadapt participation de l'acquisition en Unwin

3 juin 2013

COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE: Ce partenariat stratégique vise à renforcer davantage la position d'Autoadapt en tant que principal fournisseur mondial de produits d'adaptation de véhicules et ouvrira de nouveaux segments de marché potentiels. Pour Unwin Safety Systems, l'objectif consiste à accroître les ventes à l'exportation vers plusieurs nouveaux marchés.

Largest order received

18 février 2013

PRESS RELEASE: The vehicle adaptation company Autoadapt in Stenkullen has recently received an order for over 3 000 Braun wheelchair lifts worth 7.5 million USD from the Saudi Arabian company Skan International Co Ltd.

Collaboration with FEAL

1 septembre 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Two Swedish companies specialising in aids for the disabled – Autoadapt AB and FEAL AB – are initiating global collaboration.

Turny Evo d'Autoadapt est une solution unique

8 mars 2012

COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE: In order to make it easier for a driver seated in a wheelchair, the Turny Evo swivels the car seat out of the car and lowers it to the height of the wheelchair. The user transfers to the car seat by sliding over and is comfortably lifted into the car by the Turny Evo. After a successful year with the passenger side solution a driver side version of the Turny Evo is now shown during the 82nd International Motor Show in Geneva.

The world’s largest group

14 mars 2011

PRESS RELEASE: The world’s largest group of companies in the vehicle adaptation industry for the disabled and elderly is formed.