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Stenkullen 31 mai 2017

Autoadapt introduces the new Carony – the wheelchair that becomes a car seat

For people who are carers for family members there are many aids to help them manage independently at home. Autoadapt's Carony extends that independence to include the family car. The Carony is a system that will transfer a person, between wheelchair and car seat, without lifting.




In short the Carony is about being able to stay together, to visit the doctor, to go shopping, to visit relatives or go for a drive together.

Peter Wahlsten, Autoadapt's Founder and Executive Vice President comments:

"Sadly, taking the car together isn't always an option for carers of family members today. Making a transfer between wheelchair and car seat can be too heavy or too risky. The only option left, is for the carer to drive the car and their loved one to sit alone in the back of a community transport van."

The Carony is both a transport wheelchair and a car seat. The user stays seated while sliding between the wheelchair and car. This means the user gets to sit on the passenger's side, in a car seat, with a good view, while using the original seat belt.

Peter Wahlsten continues:

"Upfront, you get to be part of the ride. You get to look and feel like any other passenger. When you arrive at the destination and leave the car you simply stay seated in the same seat, only with a pair of wheels."

At the end of May 2017, Autoadapt launches the latest version of the Carony system. The wheel base, the swivel base and seat have all been completely redesigned. The latter with the much sought after feature, integrated push handles with brakes. 


Autoadapt AB

Founded in 1996, Autoadapt is a developer and manufacturer based in Sweden. The company's main focus lies on products that aid people with limited mobility to drive and ride in cars. Notable products are the Turny swivel seats and the Carony transfer wheelchairs. Within the industry, Autoadapt is synonymous with high safety standards and product testing.

Autoadapt's products are available all over the globe via an extensive dealer network




Peter Wahlsten

Press contact

Executive Vice President
+46 302-254 54

Linda Brixvik

Press contact

Product Market Manager Consumer
+46 302 553 13



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