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22 novembre 2013

Autoadapt’s Carony system celebrates 10.000 wheelchair accessible vehicles

For over 20 years the award winning Carony transfer wheelchair from Autoadapt has been used worldwide. The system enables those seated in a wheelchair to comfortably and safely make the transfer without resorting to potentially dangerous lifts for both user and care giver.

Being able to use your own car is a freedom many of us take for granted,” says Autoadapt’s Executive Vice President Peter Wahlsten. “The by far safest way to travel in a car is seated in the car seat wearing a seat belt. Also an important psychological factor is that being seated up front effectively makes you an active part of the road trip. Not just confined to the trunk.

Making the transfer from wheelchair to car seat can be difficult for some but there are solutions that offer help. Using the Carony transfer wheelchair a care giver swivels a docking base out of the vehicle and securely docks the Carony. The entire wheelchair seat, including the user, easily slides off the chassis and onto the docking base becoming part of the vehicle.  After undocking the empty chassis and swivelling the docking base and seat back into the vehicle the user is seated in a safe and comfortable position. The lightweight chassis can then be securely stored in the trunk of the vehicle, either by hand or by use of a wheelchair hoist. As a wheelchair the Carony offers both comfort and function as any normal wheelchair.

By eliminating lifting during a transfer we enable a care giver to help seat a person they are unable to lift in a vehicle. As a preventive measure it will also help save the back from repeated lifting for those who are able to lift a person into the vehicle. As a husband to a Carony user in Germany, Horst Schneider has meant a lot in the past years:  “Since 1998 we’re using the Carony for my wife. We’re very thankful for this wonderful solution that for the last ten years has helped us avoid a care home and instead enabled us to live together.“

 “The Carony makes taking the car for a spin into the simple thing it should be for everyone, especially for those with disabilities and their families,” Peter Wahlsten explains. “We’ve heard so many great stories over the years. Stories from users we couldn’t even imagine when we first started out.  For example the little girl in Spain with severe burns all over her body. Being lifted in and out her wheelchair caused her immense pain when the brittle skin would crack. With the Carony she could travel with her family in the car without ever having to experience that pain again”.

The Swedish made transfer wheelchair has been in production for over 20 years, recently manufacturer Autoadapt celebrated the 10.000th sold unit of the popular accessibility solution.

The Carony wheelchair can be mounted in a wide range of vehicles from small sedans to SUV’s and minibuses.


About Autoadapt
Founded in 1996, Swedish Autoadapt is a leading manufacturer of vehicle adaptation solutions for people with limited mobility. Autoadapt offers many award-winning and safety-tested solutions, such as the Turny Evo seat lift and the Carony-system of transfer wheelchairs. Autoadapt is located in Stenkullen, Sweden.


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