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Stenkullen 4 mai 2016

Transport people, not scrap metal.

A slim pump module, mounting brackets for all major brands and a great weight to lift capacity ratio are some of the key features of the new cassette lift from BraunAbility.

Developed by BraunAbility’s partly owned subsidiary Autoadapt for the European market the lift takes everyone into consideration. For the vehicle owner it is the ability to maximise the number of seats inside the vehicle. The slim pump module in cooperation with the low weight makes it possible to fit an extra seat in both terms of volume and weight.

“This project started with a massive research phase where we looked at the industry’s current situation in order to find out what could be improved. The result? Well, I wouldn’t say we’ve invented the wheel, it still does the same job, but we might have removed a few spokes and made it rounder.” says Roger Appelqvist, Autoadapt’s Technical Manager for the project.  

The installer will see the benefits of using mounting brackets that utilise the existing hole pattern of the vehicle. The entire cassette is fitted into place without the need to drill any holes at all. However wiring and fluids will in some cases require holes to be drilled. The driver will notice the ease of use and reliability. As well as improved road handling on the vehicle compared to heavier lifts. For the end user, special consideration has been made to make the lift sturdy and smooth in operation, something you can rely on every single day.


BraunAbility Cassette Lift Technical specifications

Length: 1220 mm
Width: 1050 mm
Height: 140 mm
Weight: 130 kg 

Vertical travel: 1075 mm
Moving from upper edge of cassette and up: 430 mm
Minimum move up: 130 mm
Moving from upper edge of cassette and down: 645 mm

Usable length: 1265-1420 mm
Usable width: 800 mm

Tested and approved
Salt spray test – 50 hours, according to ASTM B117-11
Climate test - Multiple full cycle tests in -15°C and +60°C
Cycle test - 32,000 cycles at maximum load (350 kg).  
EMC test - According to ECE R-10
The BraunAbility Cassette Lift complies with the EN1756 standard.

Autoadapt AB

Founded in 1996, Swedish Autoadapt is a leading manufacturer of vehicle adaptation solutions for people with limited mobility. Autoadapt offers many award-winning and safety-tested solutions, such as the Turny Evo seat lift and the Carony-system of transfer wheelchairs.

In addition to the owners Executive Vice President Peter Wahlsten and CEO Håkan Sandberg, Autoadapt is part-owned by Bruno Independent Living Aids and BraunAbility, leading manufacturers in the North American vehicle adaptation industry.



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