Getting seated

How to comfortably and safely get seated in your vehicle.

The safest way for an adult person to travel in any car is seated in a car seat wearing a seat belt. We strongly believe that the first rule of vehicle adaptation is to never compromise the level of safety.

After safety comes comfort. Where do you prefer to ride? Would you want to sit up front and be an active part either as a driver or a passenger or would you rather ride in the luggage compartment. We want our users to have both comfort and safety. That is why we invented the swivel seat, a product that has been continuously evolving to fit new models and set new industry standards for the last 20 years.

The following pages will introduce you to how a swivel seat can aid a person with reduced or limited mobility in getting seated. However in order to find the most suitable solution for you we encourage you to contact one of our authorised dealers for an assessment.

Seat lifts

Turny Evo seat lift

Turny Evo

A seat lift that moves the car seat completely outside the vehicle and lowers it down to your desired level. This makes it easier for you to sit down or transfer from a wheelchair.

Turny rotated outwards in the back seat of a gray car

Turny HD/Orbit

Brings the entire car seat outside the vehicle.

Van with a lateral door open, inside there is a man transfering from the wheelchair to the Turny 6 way

Turny 6-Way

Transfer from wheelchair to the front seat, inside the vehicle.

Swivel bases

Person in wheelchair rolling away from a car.

Turny Low Vehicle

The Turny Low Vehicle is a swivel base that rotates and moves the car seat almost completely outside the vehicle. This makes it easier for you to sit down or transfer from a wheelchair.

A Turnout inside the car with the seat rotated towards the door..


Rotates the front of the car seat towards the door opening.

Other aids

Viewed from above: man sitting in a car with a transfer board installed beside him

Transfer Board

A simple solution to help you transfer from wheelchair to car seat.

Transfer wheelchairs

Man assisting boy transfer from wheelchair into car


Transfer from wheelchair to car seat without lifting.

Woman assisting man getting into the car with a Carony Classic

Carony Classic

The solution that eliminates lifting when transferring a person between wheelchair and car.

Safe Vehicle Adaptation

For your safety BraunAbility products are designed and tested according to current directives and standards.