Wheelchair lifts

How to comfortably and safely enter your vehicle seated in a wheelchair.

The safest way for an adult person to travel in any car is seated in a car seat wearing a seat belt. We strongly believe that the first rule of vehicle adaptation is to never compromise the level of safety. With the proper protection it is possible to enjoy the ride seated in a wheelchair without compromising safety.

Over 40 years ago Ralph Braun had the need to enter his vehicle seated in his tri-wheeler. He quickly realized he needed some sort of lift and since no solution was available at that time he had to invent one himself. Since then BraunAbility has been perfecting their wheelchair lifts and today they are the largest manufacturer of wheelchair lifts in the world, well respected for their quality and foremost their reliability.

The following pages will introduce you to a number of different types of lifts that all will help you and your wheelchair get into the vehicle. However in order to find the most suitable solution for you we encourage you to contact one of our authorised dealers for an assessment.

A van with open rear doors and a deployed wheelchair lift.


Wheelchair lifts you can rely on.

Cassette lift installed on the lower rear of a van


The BraunAbility A-Series lift is developed for the European public transport market. Its key design features are quick installation, high lift power to weight ratio, reliability and ease of service.

Bus driver assistint a man on a wheelchair into a bus by using a UVL lift


Cassette wheelchair lifts for coaches and transit buses.

BraunAbility Remote

Operate your BraunAbility products with your smartphone.

Carodoor installed in the rear door of a car


Carodoor is an automatic door opener for rear doors. Its intended use is in combination with our wheelchair lifts.

Safe Vehicle Adaptation

For your safety BraunAbility products are designed and tested according to current directives and standards.