Independent driving

How to safely and independently drive your vehicle. 

The standard way to control a vehicle is with pedals, a steering wheel and in some cases a shift lever. That being said a standard is by no means the only way; the functions of a vehicle can be ­controlled by almost any movable limb.

The BraunAbility products in this area focus mainly on pedals, steering devices and hand controls. But first let’s get you into that driver’s seat.

The following pages will introduce you to a number of different solutions that can aid a person with reduced or limited mobility in driving their vehicle. However in order to find the most suitable
solution for you we encourage you to contact one of our ­authorised dealers for an assessment.

Driver seat

How do you want to enter driver’s seat, from outside or inside the vehicle?

Steering device

Would you be able to drive if turning the wheel could be done with one hand?

Hand controls

Would you be able to drive if gas and brake were controlled by your hand?


Would you be able to drive if the foot pedals extended or moved?

Additional products

To make the best out of your independent driving.