Carolift® 40

A woman hoisting a wheelchair up into a car with a Carolift 40

Carolift® 40
A wheelchair hoist that is easy to use and fits in most cars, granting wheelchair users affordable flexibility and access.
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A flexible wheelchair hoist that fits in almost all car models 

The Carolift 40 is a highly adjustable wheelchair hoist with an exceptional reach. The hoist can be adjusted as needed due to its flexible design, which allows it to fold in the middle of the arm. It can even reach around the side of a vehicle to pick up a wheelchair from the pavement. Moving a load through narrow openings is easy with Carolift 40. It has a manual swivel and a powered lift. The hoist’s maximum lifting capacity is 40 kg. 


Easy-to-adapt and user-friendly wheelchair stowing 

The hoist is made to fit in most vehicles and has the option of assisted folding to and from the storage position. To make it compatible with a wide range of vehicle types and car models, the hoist arm is built at a 45-degree angle. Its flexible arm ensures that the Carolift 40 fits into many car trunks.

Additionally, moving the hoist closer to the roof allows it to make use of more space if needed. 

Simplifying wheelchair stowing 

Carolift 40 is a stowing solution that meets the requirements of numerous car models, providing greater access for wheelchair users who drive or travel in the passenger seat: 


Foldable hoist for easy stowing

Built in a foldable design, Carolift 40's functionality allows for using it in a variety of cars with smaller boot and compartment spaces like in hatchbacks, sedans, and crossovers. In addition to its flexible lift arm, it has a user-friendly mechanism that assists effortless folding to and from the storage position.


45-degree hoist arm

The Carolift 40’s arm is based on a 45-degree angle to ensure compatibility with a wide range of vehicle types and car models. Furthermore, the hoist can now be positioned close to the vehicle roof, allowing it to utilize more space if needed.

carolift40 control button

Easy-to-use control button

The control button is positioned on the underside of the hoist arm. This allows for more ergonomic use and reduces the risk of it being too tight for fingers during operation.


Manual swivel control

The Carolift 40's manual rotation gives users more control over the hoist's speed and guidance while hoisting and stowing. 

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