You're the reason that we exist as a company. What motivates us each and every day. For that, we thank you. But you can do more. You can be the inspiration others need. Celebrate your independence and share it with the world. 

Mikael Lundstedt

If I got the opportunity I would go to Paris. I was there as a young boy but I will never forget going up in the Eiffel Tower together with my parents and younger brother. And the way they parked, astonishing!

Bengt Svensson

I'd like to ride down to Austria, just to drive around and enjoy the scenery. I've been there before and I know it's a beautiful landscape to drive through.

Carl Fritzell

I'm going to drive down to Croatia this summer with my friends. Hopefully we'll take my car, that way everyone can drive.

Kent Jensen

Before I got the Chair Topper my life was very different. With the Chair Topper I’m not dependent on anyone else. I’m able to get out!

Inga Bertheden

I had trouble lifting properly and Inga was never comfortable. With the Carony system things just got a lot simpler. We became free.

Stellan Holmsten

I have driven since the age of 18 and I'm very happy and greatful that I'm still able to do so thanks to my adaptation.

Ruth Voigt

It is difficult to use community transport where I live, so the car adaptation has in a way helped me to regain some of my mobility.

Ulla Lindeberg

The car makes me independent and that's something that I value very much.

Christina Boortman

It's a completely new sense of freedom to be able to decide when and where I want to go, and not having to be so dependent on others.

Ulla Weimar Thuresson

It means a lot to me to be able to continue exploring different countries despite my disability.