A universal positioning belt system.

Crossit is a universal postural belt system that can be used in any seat, provided there is an opening between the seat and the backrest. It is developed for both private users and for public transportation.

If the passenger cannot or doesn’t wish to have the belts crossed over the chest, you can strap the belts vertically and use the chest buckle to keep them fixed over the body.

  • Universal - one size fits all
  • Developed for both personal use and community transport.
  • Can be fastened vertically and connected to the chest buckle to be fixated over the body.
  • Requires no changes to the seat
  • Easy to install
  • Fits all seats with a space between the seat base and the backrest
  • Can be used with wheelchairs with a stable backrest
  • Portable
  • CE-marked
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Crossit 2.0: User Manual Download

File: Crossit2-user-manual.pdfSize: 5.98 MB

Date: 2023-02-01

Language(s): English, German, French, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese

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Crossit: User Manual Download

File: 201102_Crossit_user_manual_web.pdfSize: 2.99 MB

Date: 2011-03-14Document 201102

Valid for: Crossit

Language(s): English, German, French, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian

Category: Crossit, User manual

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