Picture 1: Careva in car Picture 2: man sittin in a car using a Careva belt

A highly configurable posture belt system.

Careva will help achieve an upright sitting position which is required in order for the regular safety belt in vehicles to work properly. The system consists of range of single belts that can be combined as required for users of all ages who need additional support for an upright sitting position. Careva can be used in any seat, provided there is an opening between the seat and the backrest.


The harness systemThe Harness System

Gives good support and prevents the person falling forwards or to the side. It can be fitted in all vehicles with an opening between seat base and back (this includes child seats and wheelchairs).

Can be fitted in front and back seats (however not in fixed rear seats, these require special adaption).

The belt system is comfort tested at the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI). The tests show that crash test dummies weighing 22, 34 and 75 kg remain fixed to the seat at full brake from 90 km/h.

Careva spinal belt installed in car seat

Careva Spinal belt

The spinal belt is the foundation for all the Careva belt solutions and should always be installed first, before adding the additional belts.

Careva chest belt installed in car seat

Careva Chest belt

The chest belt is used to position the upper body and prevents the person falling forwards or to the side.

Careva pelvic belt installed in car seat

Careva Pelvic belt

The pelvic belt is used to prevent people from sliding forwards when sitting, or to keep very active passengers in place during travel.

Careva combi kit belt installed in car seat

Careva Combi kit

The Combi kit is used to support the upper body and prevents the lower body from sliding forwards. The kit includes a spinal belt.

  • Highly configurable
  • Available in Small, Medium and Large
  • Requires no changes to the seat
  • Easy to install
  • Fits all seats with a space between the seat base and the backrest

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