TriflexAIR Seat

Hand on a pull handle of a seat

TriflexAIR Seat
Minimal space, maximum comfort.

Maximum features with minimum weight

TriflexAIR Seats combine minimal space with maximum comfort. Its ergonomic design ensures long-lasting comfort during long trips. With maximum safety features that go above & beyond the highest standards. Its clever folding feature makes it easy to obtain maximum space in one minimal movement.

The TriflexAir Seats have been successfully tested according to M1 guidelines, ECE R14 on both SpaceFloor, Spacefloor LX, and Innotrax.

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Key points

  • M1 Approved & tested according to the highest safety standards
  • Easy to fold/unfold in one effortless movement
  • Ergonomic and slimline design with high quality materials
  • Minimal space for maximum comfort for wheelchair passengers
  • Adjustable headrest allows unobstructied view
  • Integrated 3-point seatbelt
  • Available in multiple colours and upholstery
One TriflexSeat

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