Carodoor installed in the rear door of a car

Wireless rear door opener for wheelchair lifts.

Carodoor® is an automatic door opener for rear doors. Its intended use is in combination with our wheelchair lifts. When using the Carodoor® it's connected so that it works in unison with the wheelchair lift. In other words, you can control everything from a single remote. The doors will open before the lift comes out and they will close again once the lift stows.

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Remote Control

To control the Carodoor® we offer two remote control options. Either the standard RF remote or our own Remote App. The latter is a simple and intuitive Bluetooth receiver that connects with a smartphone app. Both remotes work with Carodoor in combination with any of our wheelchair lifts. 

Mounting brackets

The Carodoor® is compatible with a number of our wheelchair lifts, as well as the latest E-Series lifts.

To simplify the installation process the Carodoor® comes with lift specific mounting brackets. In most cases, these brackets make use of existing holes in the lift. In other words very little drilling is required when installing the mounting brackets.

Furthermore, the optional universal door bracket can be made to fit most vehicle doors.


Motor package 10 kg
Q-Series brackets 6.2 kg
E-Series brackets 11 kg
Non EK-lifts brackets 12 kg
EK-lifts brackets 14 kg


Voltage 12 V
Max current 15 A
Max current - sleep mode 0 mA

Added width with Carodoor

Q-Series < 100 mm
E-Series < 90 mm
Non EK-lifts < 115 mm
EK-lifts brackets < 115 mm

Added width depends on the ball joint and the application.

BraunAbility Remote

Max current - sleep mode 2.5 mA

Remote kit

Max current - sleep mode 30 mA

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