Steering devices

One-hand grip for steering wheels.

The steering knob, the wheel spinner and the steering device are all the same product yet it has even more variants than names; to help you find the most comfortable and safe way to steer your vehicle.



Uses the same handle as the Carospeed Menox hand control, for individuals seeking compatibility with the hand control. Available in 3 colour choices.



The round knob is available in two dimensions; 40 mm and 50 mm. Available in 3 colour choices.



The low design allows for the fingers to be in constant reach of the turn signals, cruise control etc., at the same time. Available in 3 colour choices.


2-pin (tetra) and 3-pin (para)

A 2-pin or a 3-pin steering device for individuals with impaired hand function. Can easily be reshaped to fit the hand.



Oval shaped ergonomic design.

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