Steering devices

Close up of a hand holding a steering knob installed in a car

Steering devices
A one-hand grip for steering wheels.

Take the wheel

Steering devices are used to make it much easier to steer the car one-handedly. They also provide you with a good grip and precise control.

The most common use of a Steering device is in combination with hand controls. Just like pedals, hand controls require constant attention when driving. This leaves you with only one free hand while operating the hand controls. Steering devices can also be beneficial for those with reduced upper body mobility or grip strength.

Steering devices are also known as Steering knobs, Wheel spinners and Steering aids.

Close up of the Steering device clamp.

How it works

A Steering device is made up of two parts, the knob or grip which attaches to a clamp on the steering wheel via a quick-release pin. A bearing inside the clamp lets the knob/grip rotate freely. In other words, you don't need to change your grip, even if you turn the wheel multiple revolutions. The aforementioned quick-release makes it easy to change the knob or grip if desired.

A young man driving a car seen from the passenger seat.

Lightened Power Steering

When adapting a car with a Steering device for someone with limited mobility it's very common to also perform an adaptation called Lightened Power Steering. This adaptation is made to the vehicle's power steering and reduces the force needed to turn the steering wheel.


Knobs & Grips

To help you find the most comfortable and safe way to steer your vehicle, we supply a wide variety of steering devices with different shapes and functionality. Our Steering devices fits most standard steering wheels.

An Ergo knob.


This is our most popular knob. Its flat oval design provides an ergonomic grip that rests comfortably in your hand. It's also relatively low, which keeps your fingers close to the steering wheel and the auxiliary controls such as turn signals, cruise control or windshield wipers.  

A Standard black coloured knobA Standard carbon coloured knobA Standard wood coloured knob


Uses the same handle as the Carospeed Menox hand control and is our largest knob apart from the 2-pin and 3-pin grips. The Standard knob is available in 3 colours to help you match the interior of your car.

A Round black coloured knobA Round carbon coloured knobA Round wood coloured knob


A popular shape for a Steering device knob is the spherical, aptly named Round. This knob is available in two dimensions small and large. The small has a diameter of 40 mm, roughly the size of a ping pong ball and the larger version has a diameter of 50 mm. Both sizes come in 3 different colours to help you match the interior of your car. 

A Low black coloured knob


The low design gets the palm of your hand as close as possible to the steering wheel, allowing the fingers to be in constant reach of the turn signals, cruise control etc.

A 2-pin grip.A 3-pin grip

2-pin (tetra) and 3-pin (para)

Also known as tetra grip, these two let you hold the steering wheel like a handle. As they have the added benefit of allowing your hand to rest in the cradle, the 2-pin or 3-pin steering devices are good choices for those with impaired mobility or grip. The cradle is easy to reshape to fit the hand.

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