Upper Anchorage Point

Upper Anchorage Point
Provides the means for using 3-point belts in combination with our floors.

A side view diagram of a person seated in a wheelchair while wearing a three-point seat belt.

A tested and approved Upper Anchorage Point for use in combination with our aluminium floors. 

An Upper Anchorage Point, also known as Cant Rail or Upper 3rd Point, is required to provide a wheelchair user with a complete 3-point seat belt solution.

Our bracket for an Upper Anchorage Point comes in three versions:

A diagram of a Single Point bracket.

Single Point
A fixed single point bracket for the upper anchorage of a 3-point belt. 

A diagram of a Single Point bracket.

Rail Over Window: Short
A bracket for a fixed length of rail for use as upper anchorage of a 3-point belt. 

A diagram of a ROW Long bracket.

Rail Over Window: Long
A longer bracket for a piece of rail for use as upper anchorage of a 3-point belt. Link two or more brackets for an Upper Anchorage rail along the entire vehicle's length.

Tested and approved

We are currently able to supply our Upper Anchorage Point, fully documented, tested and approved according to 2018/858/EC, Appendix 3 and ECE R14.09, for the following chassis.  

Vehicle Floors Anchorage type
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Spacefloor® LX
Spacefloor® M1
  • Single Point 
  • Rail Over Window: Short 
    Rail length: 315 mm
  • Rail Over Window: Long
    Rail lengths
    1 bracket: 315-951 mm
    2 brackets: < 1968 mm 
    3 brackets: < 2985 mm
  • Lower Single Point 
Ford Transit Spacefloor® LX
Spacefloor® M1
  • Single Point
  • Single Point Rear Left
  • Lower Single Point
Fiat Ducato
Peugeot Boxer
Citroen Jumper
Opel Movano
Spacefloor® LX
Spacefloor® M1
  • Single Point
  • Lower Single Point
  • Single Point Wheel arch

We are continuously testing more vehicles and will add them as soon as the approval phase is completed.

Additional products

Included in our rail over window kits. 

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Surface rail is a popular solution for 3rd point passenger restraint fitment (cant rail). The surface rail is available in different lengths up to 5m.

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3 different end caps for surface rails

End caps
Provide a neat finish to the ends of fitted surface rails. Available in an aluminium finish to match the rail or in yellow or grey plastic finish for a cost-effective solution.


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