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The text "Ultimate Guide 2021" superimposed over a view through a windshield of a woman driving a car.

The Ultimate Guide to driving with a disability 2021

The purpose of this guide is to let you know that almost everyone can drive. Perhaps the toughest obstacle to overcome is knowing that what you believe to be impossible, is in fact possible.

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6 more questions about disability and driving

What do you want to know about driving with a disability but never had a chance to ask? Here are six more questions, and answers.

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7 questions about disability and driving

What do you want to know about driving with a disability but never had a chance to ask? Here are seven good questions, and answers, we got when we asked the community for help.

A Fiat Carthago Chic eLine.

Adapting RV’s, Boats and off-road vehicles

Taking accessibility beyond the open road

Person counting money

How to finance your accessible vehicle

Is limited mobility preventing you from driving a car? Does your loved one have a condition that makes it hard to get them into the car? Maybe you’ve heard about adapting a car but don’t know where to start?

A white electric car on the road.

Making electric cars accessible

While it’s certainly not impossible to adapt electric vehicles there are quite a few things to consider before buying one.

Person looking at a world map

Getting Around With a Physical Disability: The Best Ways to Get From Point A to Point B

Getting from point A to point B with a physical disability can seem daunting. We're here to help with this guide on the best methods of transportation.

Happy elderly couple at a restaurant.

A seniors’ guide to making your car more comfortable

While being old is not a disability, it can certainly make an impact on your flexibility, strength and overall ability to move. The good news is that the solutions that make a vehicle more accessible aren’t necessarily only for people using wheelchairs. They can be just as helpful for seniors where limited mobility prevents them from being truly independent.

Man explaining something for another man.

The importance of car adaptation pros

So, you’ve read everything there is to find on vehicle adaptation. You have a pretty good idea of what solution you want. Now all you want to do is go to a webshop, fill your basket with the vehicle adaptation stuff you need and click buy. Well, unfortunately for you, things are not that easy. And for good reason too.

Women turning a steering wheel in a vehicle.

Is your accessible vehicle safe?

When you’re first out looking for an adapted vehicle you might not consider safety as an issue. Maybe you’re thinking: “It’s built into a car, it has to be safe!”. Unfortunately, that is not at all the case.

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