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We know pretty much everything about accessible vehicles and car adaptation. This is the place where we share our expertise with you. Find out what is possible and what kind of solution could be useful for a person with a certain type of disability.

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Man sitting on a swivel seat outside of a car

Accessible car seat

There are of course a number of useful aids that will enable you, both as driver and passenger, to enjoy the ride in the comfort of a car seat.

Man driving a car with hand controls

Disabled driver:
Acceleration and Brake

Foot pedals became the standard way of driving over a century ago. Fortunately, you can change this.

Man driving a car using hand controls

Disabled driver:
Steering and secondary controls

You can drive a car in many ways. Make the steering wheel easier to turn, use a foot-operated steering wheel or any other adaptation that makes use of your abilities.

Car driving through city

The 5 best cars for people with disabilities

We've selected 5 cars that all have different features that make them best in class for certain adaptations or uses.

Woman thinking about disability and a car.

Getting started: Cars and disabilities

Getting an adapted car is a big investment. This guide will help you better understand the process as well as give you an idea of where to start.

A symbol showing a person of short stature.

Vehicle accessibility for people of short stature

Various solutions suitable for people of restricted growth.

A symbol showing a person with an amputated leg.

Vehicle accessibility for amputees

Various vehicle adaptation solutions suitable for amputees.

A symbol showing a person with neck pain.

Vehicle accessibility and Whiplash Injury

Various vehicle adaptation solutions suitable for people with whiplash injuries.

A symbol showing a person with a broken spine.

Vehicle accessibility and Spinal Cord Injury

Various vehicle adaptation solutions suitable for people with spinal cord injuries.

Illustration of figures with different health conditions

Adaptations for medical conditions

This is the guide to read if you want a quick look at the various solutions and products that are available for certain medical conditions.

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