A stroke victim, her husband and the Carony

24 October 2017


After having three strokes she is left completely paralysed, but thanks to a positive attitude and a number of helpful devices, life rolls on for Inga and her husband Walter. 

Her last stroke in 2012, left her completely paralysed. She does however still read and speak. 

- Every morning after breakfast and every night after supper we have a short fitness session, Walter says. It is the most important thing I can do for Inga, to make sure that we're active and that we have a rich social life.

At first they had a standard wheelchair and Walter struggled to bring Inga along with him in the car. 

- I managed, but only barely. It was never really a good solution. I had trouble lifting properly and Inga was never comfortable. With the Carony system things just got a lot simpler. We became free, Walter says.


The couple live just outside Gothenburg, Sweden. During the summer months, they try to make short excursions almost every day. They visit their children and their families in the city, their friends or simply go for a walk in the park. Occasionally they will visit one of the islands in the archipelago of Gothenburg. 

- I like it so much, Inga says. I'm always comfortably seated, both in the car and in the wheelchair.

- The brake function in the handle is very convenient, Walter states. Especially where we live, where the terrain is quite hilly. It is very helpful going both uphill and downhill. 



At home Inga and Walter use both the Carony and a powerchair, but for practical reasons it is of course the Carony that gets to come along when the couple is out and about. 

- At home and visiting friends I can get close to the table and be part of the conversation. In some wheelchairs you end up half a step away from the table and you feel a bit "left out" from the company. Also, the fact that you can raise and lower the seat makes it very handy, not just in the car. It works just as well in the library as it does in the mall, but where it really shines is at the dentist, Inga chuckles. 

- Yes, and we were able to keep our own car. We didn't have to get a van, Walter chimes in. We're seated next to each other when we're out driving and we can talk about what we see and hear. It's perfect. 

- For us, the absolute best thing about it is the flexibility it gives us, Inga concludes. We can go where we want, whenever we want.