My Vehicle Adaptation

11 March 2016

Brian Kinney, USA 

Recently we stumbled over the Youtube channel Paralyzed Living and host Brian Kinney demonstrating the Carospeed Menox hand controls. When we asked Brian if he would like to share his story with us he was more than willing to help. 

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What type of vehicle do you drive and how is it adapted for you?

"I drive a 2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe (Known as a Nissan Skyline 350GT outside the U.S.) modified with a Carospeed Menox Hand Control. The switches built into the handle control the brake lock function and up and down shifting for the transmission when in manual mode."

How did you come up with this solution?

"After I was first paralyzed I was looking for a hand control that would be out of the way during transfers and not look like obnoxious "equipment" that would ruin the integrity of the car. My driving instructor who taught me to drive with hand controls told me about the Carospeed Menox control as a great option to fit my needs." 

Is this your first adapted vehicle? 

"Yes, it is my first vehicle with permanent hand controls although I have experience driving in other vehicles with less sophisticated controls. I also use portable hand controls for other vehicles." 

What will be the main difference for you with this new adaptation?

"What sets this control apart are the functions built into the handle of the control that can be customized to an individual's needs. The brake lock function is a Godsend because you no longer have to keep your hand on the brake when stopped. This gives the driver a chance to change the radio, adjust the temperature or grab a drink."

If you could choose freely where in the world would you take your adapted vehicle?

I'm not sure but it would have to be some place warm! I am not a fan of snow. 


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