Une victime d'un AVC, son mari et le système Carony

27 octobre 2017

Victime de trois AVC, elle est aujourd’hui complètement paralysée. Mais grâce à une attitude positive et à des aides techniques, Inga et son mari Walter peuvent mener une existence normale.

Un chasseur pouvant chasser

18 septembre 2017

Au début, il parvenait à se déplacer à l’aide de béquilles, mais il y a quatre ans, il a dû se résoudre à utiliser un fauteuil roulant. Il y a un peu plus d’un an, il a équipé sa voiture d’un Chair Topper et aujourd’hui, il compte bien passer son examen de chasse.

The new and improved Joey Lift

12 mai 2017

Our new and improved Joey Lift still does what it's always done so well. We've just added features to make it even better.

Introducing the Unwin Seat Locker

3 avril 2017

The Unwin Seat Locker is a device that locks the seat legs into a vehicle's floor tracking. Its main purpose is to add flexibility to a vehicle's seating configuration.

In the starting block for continued growth

22 décembre 2016

After 20 successful years as a manufacturer of consumer vehicle adaptation solutions, one asks oneself, will this translate well into 20 years of success as a supplier of commercial solutions?

Introducing Scoot 'n' Stop

21 novembre 2016

A scooter lock down device for your adapted vehicle.

Limited mobility and excercise

25 octobre 2016

How do you combine excercise with limited mobility? Do you have a healthy lifestyle? Do you even lift?

Transfer from wheelchair to wheelchair

24 octobre 2016

Youtuber "I'm wheelboyz" has posted a number of videos showing off little tips and tricks for going about your daily life.

Instant Karma

22 octobre 2016

A group of vigilantes cruise the city to dish out some instant karma to people who misuse handicap parking spots.

Viral monkeys

20 octobre 2016

Yes folks, Service Monkeys are now a thing.