Picture 1: man being lifted into a van with a telescopic lift Picture 2: Swing away swiveling platform

Swing away telescopic liftA swivelling wheelchair lift that can handle tight parking spaces.

The Swing-A-Way gives the user the ability to park close to buildings or narrow pavements as the deployed platform protrudes no more from the side of the vehicle than the fully opened front door. The telescopic platform extends to allow the wheelchair to be be driven onto it in parallel to the vehicle.

Fully automatic and operated by either a user or carer using the standard handheld control or the controls located on the lift.

  • Platform is driven on to in parallel to the vehicle
  • Swivelling platform
  • Requires minimal parking space
  • When stowed the lift causes only a minor obstruction to the use of the door opening
  • Designed for right side door installation
  • Manual backup guarantees function in the event of a vehicle electrical failure

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