Commercial ramps

Two folded heavy-duty ramps in standing position and two open heavy-duty ramps

Heavy-duty wheelchair ramps for vehicle installation.

Van with the back doors open showing an unfolded tailboard rampDesigned to meet the special requirements of ambulances and the community transport market, the commercial tailboard ramps from FEAL are unmatched in performance, quality and price.

Features include reinforcements for up to 600 kg loading capacity, highly reflective side profiles and and kick-out wheels for emergency evacuation. The kick-out wheels will allow the ramp to be deployed from within the vehicle in case of an emergency. Additionally the wheels make every day ramp operations easier.



Model Length Height folded Int. width Max load Weight
Commercial ramps
BGR 90-21P 202 cm 112 cm 90 cm 600 kg 28 kg
BGR 90-25P 242 cm 132 cm 90 cm 600 kg 31 kg
BGR 90-30P 287 cm 154 cm 90 cm 500 kg 35 kg
Commercial tight mesh ramps (made for ambulances)
BGR 90-21PTM 202 cm 112 cm 90 cm 600 kg 30 kg
BGR 90-25PTM 242 cm 132 cm 90 cm 600 kg 33 kg
BGR 90-30PTM 287 cm 154 cm 90 cm 500 kg 39 kg
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Up to 600 kg loading capacity
  • Emergency deployment
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Designed and manufactured in Sweden
  • 3 years warranty

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