iRamp Vehicle

iRamp Vehicle
High quality wheelchair ramps for vehicle installation.
A two-part iRamp Vehicle.

A feature-rich minimalist

iRamp Vehicle is a Swedish made high-quality ramp. Its lightweight minimalist design with many features makes operation and usage easy for all. The perforations in the mesh let through snow, rain and dirt keeping the inside of your vehicle as clean as possible. When stowed, the same perforations give you good rearview visibility in the vehicle.

The platform surface features excellent slip resistance and is capable of supporting up to 400 kg or 600 kg for the commercial version. At the summit of the ramp, the patented transition plate smooths out any differences in height.

The iRamp Vehicle is also available in a commercial version. See the dedicated section below of the extra features added for commercial traffic applications.

Closeup of the iRamp's transition plate.

Transition plate

Passing over the ridge of a ramp can be cumbersome as well as scary due to the change in height and incline. To minimise this the iRamp Vehicle features a patented articulated top transition plate that adjusts to the ground level.

In other words, regardless of whether the ramp deploys to the ground or the pavement, passing in and out of the vehicle is a smooth experience.

Closeup of the iRamp's seamless transition to and from stretch metal mesh.


For small wheels, like the front wheels on wheelchairs, even the smallest ledge is a nuisance. To ensure that no wheels get caught, the iRamp Vehicle features a seamless transition to and from the stretch metal mesh.

Closeup of stretch metal mesh.

Anti-slip surface

iRamp Vehicle has a unique surface that provides excellent grip and makes loading and unloading simple and safe.

The bottom part of a wheelchair rolling onto a ramp deployed on grass.

Easy operation

What makes iRamp Vehicle unique is that it's developed with both use and driver in mind. The perforations allow the driver to see through the folded ramp in the rearview mirror. Stowing and deploying the ramp is effortless thanks to the combination of handles, wheels and gas spring.

The bottom part of a iRamp, with visible gas springs.

Gas spring Assisted 

A gas spring makes deploying and stowing the ramp effortless. It helps lift the ramp back into the vehicle as well as prevent it from falling out uncontrollably.

A view of the iRamp Vehicle's handle.

Handles with ease

The elongated design of the handles facilitates deploying and stowing the ramp. To deploy, grip the handle at the furthest end and pull. To stowing, grip and lift at closest to the hinge.

Closeup of the wheels on a deployed iRamp Vehicle.


Wheels on all 2-part ramps for easier folding and unfolding.

Closeup of iRamp Vehicle's main joint.

No lubrication needed

Non-lubricated joints for hassle-free maintenance.

A two-part ramp and a three-part ramp.

Photo showing old BGR-model of ramps.

2-part or 3-part

A 3-part ramp gives you a 30 % longer ramp with the same folded height as a 2-part ramp. This can be very useful when the height of the vehicle is limited. 

Models and specifications   

Three iRamp Vehicle ramps showing off surface options.

Customise to your needs

Do you want a wider ramp or maybe longer one? What about the surface options: standard mesh, tight mesh or maybe even checkered plate on the sides. Do you want the handles on top instead of the sides to save space? 

iRamp Vehicle is customisable to your needs. Pretty much anything is possible if you ask.

A closeup of the iRamp Vehicle's smart lock feature.

Smart lock

This safety feature prevents the ramp from deploying by itself if the vehicle is parked on a steep incline. To free the ramp for deployment is a simple one-handed manoeuvre. 

A closeup of iRamp Vehicle's safety straps.

Safety straps

These straps keep the ramp in position even in the event of a car crash. They also have the added benefit of keeping any rattle to a minimum. As with the smart lock, usage is one-handed and simple.


A large van with open rear doors and a deployed ramp.

Ramps for commercial applications

Designed to meet the special requirements of ambulances and the community transport market. Features include reinforcements for up to 600 kg loading capacity, highly reflective side profiles and an emergency evacuation feature.

Models and specifications   

A commercial ramp with red reflective tape along the sides.

Photo showing old BGR-model of ramp.

Reflective tape

As opposed to the discreet look of the standard iRamp Vehicle, the commercial version comes with hi-viz reflective tape along the sides. A highly visible ramp ensures a safe working environment for the driver and their passengers.

A comparison view of the tight mesh and the standard mesh.

Tight mesh

Our surface option Tight Mesh makes loading and unloading a much smoother experience for ambulance stretchers or other cargo with small wheels.

A pictogram of a weight with the text KG.

Weight capacity

The standard weight capacity of the iRamp Vehicle is 400 kg or up to 600 kg for the commercial version. This makes the reinforced commercial ramps the best choice for bariatric patient transport applications.

A closeup of the wheels and the gas spring used for emergency deployment.

Photo showing old BGR-model of ramp.

Emergency deployment

All commercial ramps are equipped for emergency deployment from within the vehicle. An extra gas spring at the fold in combination with the wheels help the ramp deploy in one movement. As an added bonus, these features also make everyday ramp operations easier.


Two photos, each showing two persons interacting around work.

High quality

Designed and manufactured in Sweden, all Feal ramps come with a 3-year warranty. The material of choice is Aluminium, a ductile, corrosion-resistant, light and durable metal. In the form of the iRamp Vehicle, it's capable of doing its job, day in and day out, for years and years.

A crash test symbol and the logo for TÜV Rheinland

Crash tested

For your safety, the iRamp Vehicle is designed and tested according to UN-Regulation No.17. The ramp and its fixations successfully withstood the load of a 20G (30ms) deceleration sled test.

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2-part ramps

Max load capacity: 400 kg

Model Height (A) Depth (B) Base width (C) Ramp width (D) Platform length (E) Platform width (F) Weight
820mm platform width (F)
IRV162-820 961  241  947  965 1600 820 26 kg
IRV182-820 1061  241  947  965 1800 820 28 kg
IRV202-820 1161  241  947  965 2000 820 30 kg
IRV222-820 1261  241  947  965 2200 820 32 kg
IRV242-820 1361  241  947  965 2400 820 33 kg
IRV262-820 1461  241  947  965 2600 820 35 kg
IRV282-820 1561  241  947  965 2800 820 39kg
900mm platform width (F)
IRV162 961 241 1027 1045 1600 900 29 kg
IRV182 1061  241  1027  1045  1800  900  31 kg
IRV202 1161  241  1027  1045  2000  900  33 kg
IRV222 1261  241  1027  1045  2200  900  35 kg
IRV242 1361  241  1027  1045  2400  900  36 kg
IRV262 1461  241  1027  1045  2600  900  38 kg
IRV282 1561 241 1027 1045 2800 900 31 kg
All dimensions are given in millimeters (mm).

3-part ramps

Max load capacity: 400 kg

Model Height (A) Depth (B) Base width (C) Ramp width (D) Platform length (E) Platform width (F) Weight
820mm platform width (F)        
IRV253-820 961 320 947 965 2485 820 35 kg
IRV283-820 1061 320 947 965 2785 820 38 kg
IRV313-820 1161 320 947 965 3085 820 41 kg
IRV343-820 1261 320 947 965 3385 820 43 kg
IRV373-820 1361 320 947 965 3685 820 46 kg
IRV403-820 1461 320 947 965 3985 820 48 kg
IRV433-820 1561 320 947 965 4285 820 52 kg
900mm platform width (F)
IRV253 961 320 1027 1045 2485 900  39 kg
IRV283 1061 320 1027 1045 2785 900  42 kg
IRV313 1161 320 1027 1045 3085 900  46 kg
IRV343 1261 320 1027 1045 3385 900  48 kg
IRV373 1361 320 1027 1045 3685 900  51 kg
IRV403 1461 320 1027 1045 3985 900 54 kg
IRV433 1561 320 1027 1045 4285 900 58 kg
All dimensions are given in millimeters (mm).

Commercial ramps (2-part only)

Max load capacity: up to 600 kg (IRV282 is 500 kg)

Model Height (A) Depth (B) Base width (C) Ramp width (D) Platform length (E) Platform width (F) Weight
820mm platform width (F) standard mesh
IRV202-820P  1161  241  947  965  2000  820 31 kg
IRV242-820P  1361  241  947  965  2400  820 34 kg
IRV282-820P  1561  241  947  965  2800  820 40 kg
820mm platform width (F) tight mesh
IRV202-820PTM  1161  241  947  965  2000  820 32 kg
IRV242-820PTM  1361  241  947  965  2400  820 36 kg
IRV282-820PTM  1561  241  947  965  2800  820 43 kg
900mm platform width (F) standard mesh
IRV202P  1161  241  1027  1045  2000  900 34 kg
IRV242P  1361  241  1027  1045  2400  900 37 kg
IRV282P  1561  241  1027  1045  2800  900 45 kg
900mm platform width (F) tight mesh
IRV202PTM  1161  241  1027  1045  2000  900 35 kg
IRV242PTM  1361  241  1027  1045  2400  900 39 kg
IRV282PTM  1561  241  1027  1045  2800  900 45 kg
All dimensions are given in millimeters (mm).