Simon Fonnesbæk

Danish student Simon enjoys using mobility aids that are effective and don't attract too much attention.

How wheelchair lifts elevate perceptions of disability

Discover how a wheelchair lift assists a young Danish student with disabilities in engaging in conversations about impairment. In his daily life, Simon Fonnesbæk experiences the impact of accessible vehicles while challenging perceptions.

At first glance, a wheelchair lift may seem straightforward in its functionality. But for pedagogy student Simon Fonnesbæk, the E-series wheelchair lift he uses sometimes serves an even broader function.

Icebreaking accessibility lift

“It's a great conversation starter”, he says, pointing to the small remote control that easily fits in his hand.
Simon, in his late twenties, goes on to explain: “Using this little remote or the mobile app to operate the lift in my pretty large car is something different. It's easy to use so that it often sparks conversations with people interested in mobility solutions.”

Simon recalls several occasions when others have been curious and asked about how he operates the lift on the back of his Ford Transit Custom (High Roof). As a disabled wheelchair user, handling smaller remotes or simply one's mobile phone can help normalize tasks like parking and vehicle entry and exit, making him feel less noticeable.

Blending in with wheelchair lifts

He adds, “The overall look is more casual, and it helps me blend in. Other lifts I used when I started driving had remote controls as big as brick stones with long, thick cables attached.”

Although wheelchair lifts require larger vehicles, it's about being able to use the lift discreetly, so it becomes a normal part of one's mobility routine. Using mobility aids efficiently without becoming a source of attention.

In daily need of mobility aids and vehicle adaptations

Simon uses his car every day, which requires him to use the wheelchair lift and the Turny 6-Way swivel seat multiple times. Simon relies heavily on his car for various activities like going to work and university, socializing, exercising, as well as shopping. In just under a year and a half, his car has already accumulated over 36,400 kilometres.

The car is crucial to his routines, and it's essential that it works smoothly because it affects his ability to stay independent daily. That's why Simon always looks for easy-to-use and reliable mobility options. To him, a mobility aid isn't just for transportation, but a vital part of his life.

Easy-to-use wheelchair stowing

His most recent vehicle adaptation is the Carolock wheelchair transportation securement system. It is a user-friendly securement system for your vehicle, designed to guarantee the safety and worry-free stowing of your mobility device. Carolock is built to support both independent drivers and passengers with reduced mobility. Adjustments can be made to fit the needs of different wheelchair types, whether you use a newer or older model, a powered, or a manual wheelchair like Simon does.

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