Introducing a tested and approved Upper Anchorage Point

7 December 2021

We are now able to supply you with a tested and approved Upper Anchorage Point for use in combination with our aluminium floors.

A short piece of rail over the window in a van.

An Upper Anchorage Point, also known as Cant Rail or Upper 3rd Point, is required to provide a wheelchair user with a complete 3-point seat belt solution. The Upper Anchorage Point is fully documented and approved for use in specific vehicle chassis. 

Our bracket for an Upper Anchorage Point comes in three versions, a long and short Rail Over Window (ROW) as well as a Single Point (SP). 

Tested and approved

We are currently able to supply our Upper Anchorage Point, tested and approved according to 2018/858/EC, Appendix 3 and ECE R14.09. To find out what chassis are currently available, please visit the product page. 

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