Introducing the Compact range of WTORS

8 June 2021

The Compact range is signified by the occupant belt floor connection located on the retractor itself. More specifically, a male connector for the occupant belt directly on the retractor.

A selection of the new retractors from BraunAbility.

This eliminates the need for an extra stalk. It also makes everything leaner, which is why we chose to call it our Compact range. It’s also lighter than using a stalk and requires less storage space. With the introduction of the Compact range, all older WTORS will be known as the Classic range.   


DIN 75078 Compliant 

Also part of the new Compact range is a DIN 75078 compliant lap and shoulder belt. 


HD for Heavy Duty 

Our two new retractors, the Classic Quattro Express HD and Compact Quattro Express HD are designed for wheelchairs weighing up to 160 kg. The HD retractors come with a metal cover and the karabiner wheelchair fixing and are both ISO 10542 and DIN 75078 compliant.


New retractor design

We're also introducing a new shortened design of our Quattro and the Quattro Express retractors. A 1-part foot bracket effectively shortens the length of the complete tie-down. 

We are rolling out this new successively, starting with the retractors in our new Compact range as well as the new Classic HD (Heavy Duty). The new retractor design, both the Classic, when available, and the Compact, can be used as front or back tie-downs. 


New products 

Compact range: Quattro / Quattro Express 

  • Our longest webbing retractor
  • Ergonomic handles for tightening the webbing 
  • Metal cover or plastic cover 
  • Shorter 1-part foot bracket 
  • Available wheelchair fixings: Tongue and Buckle, J-Hook and Karabiner 
  • ISO 10542 compliant

Compact range retractors.

Compact range: Occupant Belts  

  • Complete 3-point occupant belt
  • Red webbing on the lap belt 
  • Available as bolted or rail upper third point anchorage
  • Available with or without adjustable shoulder belt height
  • Compatible only with Compact and Compact HD retractors
  • Inertia reel in a compact and discreet design 
  • DIN 75078 compliant

 Compact range occupant belts.

Classic & Compact range: Quattro Express HD (Heavy Duty)

  • Ergonomic handles for tightening the webbing 
  • For wheelchairs up to 160 kg
  • Karabiner only
  • Metal cover only 
  • 1-part foot bracket
  • ISO 10542 compliant
  • DIN 75078 compliant

Two Heavy Duty retractors.


A screenshot of the WTORS website section.

New WTORS section

To help guide you in our vast range of tie-downs and restraints, we have completely reworked the WTORS section on our website.

The WTORS section now includes all our standard kits, a comprehensive product guide and an FAQ.

Learn more here


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