Hilary Holm

Hilary Holm, an independent woman with a disability, confidently driving her adapted Renault Kangoo, empowered by vehicle adaptations and accessibility products.

Independent mobility for women with disabilities

Meet Hilary Holm, a single mother living in Gothenburg, Sweden. While being a disabled driver, she refuses to be constrained by her disability. Vehicle adaptations have enabled her to move around freely and enjoy the flexibility of an independent lifestyle.

"Since I must save energy to walk and function like any other human being, I have to rely on accessibility products. I think of my electric wheelchair and my car as mobility aids. Both provide the necessary support I need."

Being an autonomous woman who enjoys having many social contacts and activities, vehicle adaptations have allowed Hilary to move freely for many years. She even learned that the Turny Evo's original functionality was not limited to a swivel seat. While raising her now 15-year-old son, the seat became particularly practical at a very early age. When her boy was a little child, she successfully taught him how to climb onto the swivel seat before getting into the child's car seat.

Independent mobility that allows planning ahead

Today Hilary drives a Renault Kangoo, using an electric scooter and an electric wheelchair. The Turny Evo is still an essential part of her vehicle adaptation that allows her to have a comfortable seating position, while the Carospeed Classic hand control and steering knob ensure stable hands to maneuver the vehicle. Additionally, the Carolift 100 helps lift the mobility devices into the car's boot.

For people with reduced mobility, planning even the simplest activity ahead of time is very common. And independent mobility is a privilege not everyone is able to enjoy. For that reason Hilary wants to share her experiences related to the circumstances under which she and other disabled women may find themselves.

The importance of accessibility for individual mobility

"My car is my legs. It lets me take control of my mobility. People don't always understand how important it is to have access to a car you can use on your own terms. We who are ill are not supposed to enjoy flexibility in our everyday lives."

Hilary's life is affected by the results of a post-polio syndrome. The polio virus from which she became infected as a child began to challenge her physical abilities later in life. However, she did not let physical limitations stop her from getting her driver's license in her 30s.

Today, Hilary works part-time as a jury member at a court house in Gothenburg. Apart from her profession, she is busy driving her son to various sports tournaments across the country, she looks after a small garden and loves to visit friends. Most of her day-to-day activities involve the use of her car. Without her adapted vehicle, she could not lead the ordinary life she is able to live today.

Vehicle adaptations and accessibility products can empower to lead full and active lives, despite varying abilities. By providing mobility solutions, we can support women like Hilary to enjoy life on their own terms.

Hilary Holm

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