Autoadapt accredited by SWEDAC

25 May 2009

Autoadapt has had its testing and safety laboratory accredited by the public authority SWEDAC, the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Testing, according to the ISO 17025 standard.

SWEDAC LogoAccreditation is confirmation that the laboratory has had its capacity and expertise examined, assessed and confirmed by an independent public body.

Autoadapt is one of the first vehicle adaptation companies in the world to have its testing centre approved on the government level.

Autoadapt, with approximately 100 employees and annual net revenue of close to 14 million Euros, has an advanced test laboratory as well as development and production units at Stenkullen outside Gothenburg and a subsidiary in Birmingham in the UK.

Accreditation was completed recently and marks the end of a process lasting several years. It is confirmation that both personnel and equipment are directly comparable with the best in Europe, including SP, the Technical Research Institute of Sweden, TÜV in Germany and RDW in the Netherlands.

"Now that we are accredited our customers with reduced functional ability can feel perfectly secure with a vehicle that has been adapted by us. This is welcomed by everyone," says Vice President Peter Wahlsten at Autoadapt.

Autoadapt Safety Centre The high rate of technical development has increased the need for laboratory tests, where durability and the capacity of various items of equipment to work together are inspected. Verification of the whole system also requires control body status. As Autoadapt has now been accredited by SWEDAC – Autoadapt's unique accreditation number is 1976 – the testing and safety laboratory is officially approved to carry out tests and issue test reports that can be used for type approval of adaptation solutions.

Autoadapt was also the first vehicle adaptation company in Europe to undergo quality certification and to satisfy the requirements laid down in ISO 9001:2000 for quality systems in design, development, production and installation as well as final inspection and testing.