The J-Hook now available for our complete range of tie-downs

31 March 2020

The J-Hook is a formed, steel alloy hook, featuring a wider gate than our other hooks and karabiners. This makes the J-Hook a more universal fixing option for wheelchairs.

J-Hook universal fixing option for wheelchairs


To further the universality of the J-Hook, it has no left or right direction. It's a "one fits all" type of device. While this is no big issue, it can save time when securing a wheelchair as there is one less thing to think about.

Quick Facts

  • Steel alloy hook, powder-coated
  • Wide gate, fits many wheelchair types
  • Universal, no left or right version.
  • Tested and approved to ISO10542

With the addition of the J-Hook we now boast the widest range of wheelchair tie-downs in our industry.