Tested accessible vehicles

Testing and certification for vehicle adaptation

To ensure mobility and accessibility worldwide, we conduct in-house quality testing and vehicle adaptation certification. The technicians of our own test facilities aim for nothing less than the best performance of our accessibility products. The way we conduct our vehicle and product quality testing enables us to guarantee the longevity and durability of our mobility solutions. 

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Testing for the highest quality and best performance

We are committed to testing our products rigorously and in the most common vehicle types. Among other factors, we examine our product's durability, reliability, and ease of use. For the durability of our products, we always test them for an operating life of over 10 years and a driving distance of 200,000 kilometres.

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Internationally tested mobility products

We conduct rigorous in-house testing for our accessibility products. They are tested in Sweden and the UK before being released to the market. Products intended for type approval are tested at internationally accredited test sites or witnessed by authorities such as TÜV or VCA, and others for comprehensive proving.

Product testing for the vehicle you need

All of our products are tested to meet both industry requirements and BraunAbility's own high-quality standards. Depending on the product type, we employ a variety of methods to conduct our tests, including component testing and full vehicle testing. By doing so, we ensure that we provide products that meet the regulations and standards that apply. This thorough testing confirms that when used as described, our products will provide safe and secure operation in both daily use and in the event of an accident.

Our testing also is able to support all levels of vehicle approvals from Individual Vehicle Approvals (IVA) through to Full Vehicle European Type Approval. Our test subjects include:


UNECE Regulations

  • ECE R10 – Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • ECE R14 – Seat, Seat Belt, and Anchorage Strength
  • ECE R16 – Seat Belt Strength
  • ECE R17 – Seat Strength
  • ECE R21 – Interior Fittings
  • ECE R80 – Strength of Seats and their Anchorages (Buses)
  • ECE R107 – General Construction of Buses and Coaches
  • ECE R118 – Fire resistance of interior materials


ISO Standards

  • ISO 3795 – Fire resistance of interior materials (FMVSS302)
  • ISO 10542 – Wheelchair Seat Belt Anchorage Systems
  • ISO 16840 – Wheelchair seating


National Specifications

  • DIN 75078 – Wheelchair Lifts and Seat Belt Anchorage Systems
  • PAS 2012 – Wheelchair Lifts


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What is individual vehicle approval?

An individual vehicle approval proves that a vehicle or a component type meets the applicable technical requirements. The number of rigorous tests we perform on our products, enable us to provide you with the fundamental requirements to comply with your vehicle approval process.

Compliance with type approval regulations

Our products for vehicles comply with the 2018/858/EC list of requirements for approval within the European Union. We follow ECE (UN) regulations for vehicle design. In addition, we comply with ISO, DIN, PAS, and TSFS regulations applicable to our products in various countries:

  • Wheelchair lift mounting strength was tested with a force of 20 G in accordance with DIN 75078 and PAS 2012.
  • Seat Belt Anchorage Systems have also been tested to comply with DIN 75078.


We ensure that our products are always in compliance with the legislation in force in our customers' countries. Moreover, our testing procedures exceed the standards required by law. That's why we are a trusted partner and supplier to vehicle conversion specialists worldwide.

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