Lina Rhodin

The Turny Evo facilitates easy car transfers for families with disabled children.

The Importance of vehicle adaptations for families with disabled children

For parents with disabled children, vehicle adaptation can make a great difference in a family’s life. Read how the Turny® Evo could help improve their day-to-day activities from a father's perspective.

The Rhodin Family from Kungsbacka, Sweden, consists of three joyful daughters and two parents who used to face difficulties when taking the car. Their eight-year-old Lina has a disability that requires her to be lifted in and out of the car, making car travel both time-consuming and physically demanding.

Easier transfers for children with disabilities

In 2019, the Rhodin family got their car adapted with the electronic swivel seat Turny Evo. The seat was installed on the front passenger side of the car, which is where Lina preferable sits. The Turny Evo has made a big difference in the family’s lives, as transfers have become both easier and safer, reducing the risk of injury to both Lina and the people helping her. Father Niklas points out:

"Turny has helped us a lot, there is no doubt about it."

Apart from the Turny Evo, the Rhodins also had the chance to invest in a Mercedes EQV, an electric family car that provides space and comfort for the family’s daily drives. Knowing that the expenses and financial support of other families living with disabilities may vary, Niklas wants to encourage other parents to invest in adapting their cars as soon as possible.

"It is worth it in the long run. Everything becomes more challenging with the growing height and weight of a child. This has become obvious for us and our backs."

From vehicle adaptation to participation

The Turny Evo has also made it easier for the parents to drop off and pick up Lina at school, which is a very important place in the little girl’s life. Even this rather daily process has become much easier, faster, and less physically demanding.

"Lina is a happy human being and one of the school’s sunshine. She is a very social, and positive person who really wants to participate."

A mobility solution affecting the whole family

While the Turny Evo could significantly change the family’s life, Niklas still sees room for improvement. That’s why they are currently even looking into getting a lift that will make it easier to transfer Lina from the wheelchair into their house. For the future, Niklas hopes that her daughter will be able to move even more independently and take part in family activities on her own terms:

"Mom and Dad need to stay strong and healthy, but our great hope is for Lina to be more physically engaged in the future. I have confidence in her because she is strong, stubborn, and willing to do this, and she loves that we have family trips together."

The Turny Evo makes car transfers easier, faster, and safer, reducing the impact on parents and caregivers. For the Rhodin family, the Turny Evo has made it possible for them to continue to take on new adventures, making everyday moving experiences easier for everyone involved.

Lina Rhodin

Mobility aid
manual wheelchair

Mercedes-Benz EQV

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Turny Evo, GS seat

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