Emilia Uzelac Johansson

Emilia and her mother enjoying the Turny Evo seat lift with a specially adapted GS seat. 

As for most families with children, everyday life for the Uzelac Johansson family consists of transportation to and from various activities. However, unlike many other families, they face another challenge. Eight-year-old Emilia is dependent on her wheelchair and cannot get into the car by herself. She needs help with the transfer. Something that has become increasingly difficult as she grows.

Emilia has grown so big now that I no longer can lift her into the car, says her mother, Sandra. Unless her father is with us, we are stuck at home.

But now, the family has gotten a new car. A brand-new Ford Tourneo Custom. Before delivery, it made a detour to the car adaptation workshop Autoadapt in Stenkullen, Sweden.

Here, among other things, a Turny Evo seat lift from BraunAbility was installed in the second row of seats. This makes the assisted transfer from a wheelchair to the car seat less risky, shorter, easier, and ergonomically friendlier.


Adapted to the family's needs

Once in the car seat, the Turny Evo lifts her into the car. For those standing next to Emilia, you cannot mistake the smile on her face for anything but pure delight.

The car seat itself is not just any seat either. It is adapted to her needs and provides support to ensure Emilia is properly seated. As Emilia grows, the seat depth, armrest height, and headrest height can be adjusted.

For shorter trips, there is a wheelchair lift in the rear. This means Emilia does not even have to leave her wheelchair. Of course, safety should not be compromised, even if the trip is short. The wheelchair space is equipped with a proper three-point belt for Emilia and anchoring options for her wheelchair.

This will be great, says George, Emilia’s father. Emilia and Sandra have more freedom and are no longer dependent on me being at home, nor are they tied to the schedule of transportation services. 

For the Uzelac Johansson family, their Ford Tourneo Custom has given them the freedom to get out on their own terms, whenever they want.

Safety and comfort over time

Two years have passed since we adjusted the family car to Emilias' requirements. That means it's time to catch up with the Uzelac Johanssons to make sure they're still satisfied with our products. We called Sandra to find out how their experience has been for Emilia and her family.

What has changed in your daily life since you began using our products?
Family life has changed significantly since then and many things are much easier today. All of a sudden, we were able to take the car for longer trips while providing comfort for Emilia. We can actually take a road trip or go on vacation by car. It was so important for all of us to regain this strong feeling of independence.

Have you planned your summer season yet?
No, not yet, but we love travelling to the southern Sweden or to the island of Orust. When you have a family member with a disability, there's always a lot of additional planning to be considered. Even shorter travelling can be much more complicated. That's why it's so crucial to have a car that's accessible and works for everybody. Emilia's new seat, the Turny Evo, and the wheelchair lift still work as they are supposed to and make our daily lives easier.
Emilia Uzelac Johansson
Type of limitation

Mobility aid
manual wheelchair

Ford Tourneo Custom

Product(s) in vehicle
Turny Evo, GS seat, E-Series wheelchair lift

Installed by
Autoadapt Bilanpassning