Alfred Ericsson

“The Carony has been crucial for us driving and traveling by ourselves.”

Smooth transfers and less dependent traveling

For the Ericssons, the Carony and Turny product series have been vital for them to drive and travel independently. Lifting their son Alfred in the family car had become too heavy and challenging.

Alfred, just like any other child, outgrows his clothes quickly. As the years go by, his family struggles more to lift him into and out of the car due to his disability and special needs. Every single day, Alfred must transfer from his wheelchair to either the family's minivan or a commercial vehicle from public transport.

How to plan and travel independently

His father Daniel approached us a few years ago. Back then, their weekly planning was heavily dependent on the schedules of local transportation services.

"All these adaptations have been crucial for us to drive and travel with Alfred by ourselves", says Daniel today.

He and his wife got used to heavy lifts and inconvenient movements around the car, but their situation was far from comforting. While trying to find proper sitting positions for their growing child, over time pain in their backs and necks started to increase. The father explains:

"It had already become too heavy and physically difficult for us parents to lift Alfred, even in case of shorter drives".

Growing needs and solutions

After meeting with our team, we created an adaptive solution for the Ericsson family. We installed the rotating seat lift Turny HD in their van, and Alfred was among the first to test the newest Carony transfer wheelchair. We tailored it to his needs, so today he can transfer to the car with less assistance, and it can be adjusted as he ages. This makes the transfer safer and more ergonomic for all.

"Alfred loves to travel by car. Without the Carony, we could not drive as much as we do today. A further advantage is that he can sit down and get in the right sitting position already inside the house", says his father, Daniel.

Being in his early teenage years, Alfred grew so large that he might soon need additional adaptations. Alfred is now able to even approach the car by walking on his own. In the future, he will still need help to keep a stable balance while sitting. Adjustments like additional headrests and support for the growing length of his body, as well as solutions that remain applicable even in the coming years.

Alfred Ericsson

Type of limitation

Mobility aid
manual wheelchair

Toyota Proace

Product(s) in vehicle
Turny HD, Carony

Installed by
Autoadapt Bilanpassning