The latest news and press releases from BraunAbility.

My Vehicle Adaptation

11 March 2016

Recently we stumbled over the Youtube channel Paralyzed Living and host Brian Kinney demonstrating the Carospeed Menox hand controls. When we asked Brian if he would like to share his story with us he was more than willing to help.

The Present

29 February 2016

A lovely short film, enjoy!

Driving 11-year olds

26 February 2016

Here's a cool thing we're quite proud to sponsor.

Christmas greetings from Autoadapt

16 December 2015

Following our tradition to contribute, we gave our only christmas gift to UNICEF. But we don’t want you to feel left out, so for you, we wrote this silly limerick.

Declaration of Independence

4 December 2015

This was originally intended to be used only for our local Swedish vehicle adaptation workshop. But when your customer wants everyone involved in their adaptation to sign their work, we're so proud of them that we just have to brag about it on an international level.