Our values

We are BraunAbility

But we are also a great number of individuals that together have a responsibility to our companies to be seen with respect and that others will look up to. It´s how each of us appear in our daily work who decides how people in our company and the world around us are looking at us. This writing shall remind us of the things we should think about to be considered engaged, competent and reliable.

We are open minded, honest and keen.

We are aiming to be an open-minded company who listens, takes initiatives and takes action. A company who is easy to talk to and keep in contact with.

We help each other.

We will be a company that grows and develops by cooperation.

We take responsibility.

We will be a company where everyone takes responsibility and who stands for what we do.

We develop continuously.

We will be a company that develops by a leadership who makes other people grow.

We are profitable.

We will be a company who sees profit as a condition for development.

We show interest and take initiative.

We will be a company who provides the best we have – our own personal engagement.