Solutions for accessibility in vehicles

The articles below focus on solutions to specific areas of the car. For example how to use acceleration and brake or how to make it easier to get from wheelchair to car. We aim to give you a basic understanding of the solutions available and what to look for when you dive deeper into each solution.

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Man driving a car with hand controls

Acceleration and brake

Foot pedals became the standard way of driving over a century ago. Fortunately, you can change this.

Girl and boy inside vehicles with different seat belt solutions

Belt solutions

Neither people nor wheelchairs should ride unsecured in a vehicle. In other words, wheelchair tie-downs and seat belts have a vital job to do in an adapted vehicle. While not always necessary, a postural belt can be just as important providing support and means for safe and comfortable seating.

Man retreating his wheelchair from the top of a car with a chair topper

Bringing your mobility device

If you use any kind of mobility aid, there's the issue of getting it into the car.

Woman smiling at child sitting in a wheelchair

Car adaptation for children

There are all sorts of solutions, from helping the child stay safely seated to sparing the parents backs from heavy lifting.

Man sitting on a swivel seat outside of a car

Getting seated in the car

There are of course a number of useful aids that will enable you, both as driver and passenger, to enjoy the ride in the comfort of a car seat.

Woman in wheelchair next to car

Lowered floor vehicles

Roll in via the ramp, buckle up (that goes for both you and your wheelchair) and you’re ready for departure.

Hand holding app for controlling adaptations.

Miscellaneous adaptations

You can adapt your car to all sorts of abilities and needs. Here are some of the more common ones that don't really fit into any of our other categories.

Man driving a car using hand controls

Steering and secondary controls

You can drive a car in many ways. Make the steering wheel easier to turn, use a foot-operated steering wheel or any other adaptation that makes use of your abilities.

Woman sitting outside a van with a lift lowered from the rear door

Wheelchair accessible car

If you want to get inside your car while seated in your wheelchair you have two options, a ramp or a wheelchair lift. What solution that will work best depends of course on your car and your abilities.

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