Vehicle accessibility for people of short stature

A symbol showing a person of short stature.

Various solutions suitable for people of restricted growth.

Limited reach shouldn't keep you from driving your own car. The solution is to either move you as a driver closer to the functions you want to control or by moving the functions closer to you.

See the below examples of how to close the gap between driver and car.

The pedals of a car adapted with extensions.

If reaching the pedals is an issue the gas, brake and clutch pedal can be moved within reach by the use of extension pedals. If people of different height share the same vehicle, the pedal extensions can be made foldable or detachable.


The car seat itself can be adapted with various inserts to reduce the seat depth. Higher seat cushions, tilted seat cushions and so on.

An extra cushion strapped to the seat and backrest of a carseat.
Steering wheel

The entire steering wheel can be replaced with a ­smaller one to ensure a correct grip.

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